Matt Hancock’s Loophole Lets You Break Instructions to ‘Stay Local’ and Visit Beaches and Beauty Spots This Easter

Matt Hancock's Loophole Lets You Break Instructions to 'Stay Local' and Visit Beaches and Beauty Spots This Easter

Easter weekend begins tomorrow, and many in England will want to take advantage of the ‘rule of six’ and meet up with friends and family.
Others will desperately need to go to the beach or visit local beauty spots and reconnect with nature, after being ordered to stay at home for a three-month Covid-19 coronavirus lockdown.

From Monday March 29, Britons were allowed to meet in groups of up to six people from any number of different households, or in larger groups of people from just two households – but only in outdoor environments , including private gardens.

While the ‘stay at home’ requirement has now been dropped in England and Wales, it remains in place in Scotland and Ireland.

Residents of Wales are allowed to travel freely in Wales, while in England people are always encouraged to ‘stay put’.

But no guidelines have been issued to clarify what constitutes “local”.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said he would spend the day in Suffolk with his friends, which is potentially a two-hour drive from his home in London.

On Monday, he told This Morning television that people should aim to minimize travel, but that they can travel to England to see family and friends.

“We say you should minimize travel, but if you want to travel to see friends and family, that’s absolutely perfect,” he said.

Therefore, if you are planning to meet your family or friends, which needs to be done outdoors, you can go to a beach or beauty spot that is not local to do so.

However, cross-border travel to Wales is still not permitted.

Today Wales Premier Mark Drakeford said he hopes to be able to lift travel restrictions in the country on April 12, when the ‘stay local’ instruction is expected to be lifted in England as part of Boris Johnson’s roadmap.

He told BBC Breakfast: “At the moment, people in Wales can travel anywhere inside Wales, but the education in England remains to remain local and people cannot pass. the night.

“The English roadmap says that will change on April 12, and if that does change, we will change our arrangements so people can travel more freely inside and outside Wales.


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