Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg Are Best Friends Goals

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Chocolate and peanut butter. Movies and popcorn. Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg. Some things go well together. It’s gotten to the point where Stewart and Snoop’s couple don’t even look weird anymore. It’s just… is!

Last night, the dynamic duo appeared together on Tonight’s Show with Jimmy Fallon and it was a pleasure to watch. They took the Best Friends Challenge (the dating game but for friends) and had a great time. Was that a silly segment with silly answers and my favorite thing about it? In the end, I wasn’t even sure they were really best friends!

Let me put on my foil hat for a moment and say something that may sound controversial. I don’t think these two are really “best friends”. Are they friends? Sure. Do they have great chemistry together? Absolutely. I just think at some point they decided it would be good for business if they worked together very publicly. There is something new in their friendship that they take full advantage of and you know what? It is very good!

To back up my theory, I refer you to this silly game. There was only one question that had been answered correctly, and barely. It’s not like this is a good measure of true friendship, it’s just that they seem to not care too. They walk past the camera, the weather is nice and go their separate ways.

I think they love each other. They probably even had a great time together. But I believe their friendship is business. Hell, when Fallon asks if they’re best friends, they don’t even give a really enthusiastic response.

I don’t buy it.

But I respect hell.

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Andrew lives in New York. You can follow it on Twitter.

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