Mare of Easttown Series Premiere Review: “Miss Lady Hawk Herself”


HBO’s delightfully dreary new crime series Mare of Easttown starring Oscar-winning Kate Winslet as an emotionally charged detective in a Pennsylvania blue-collar crevasse is a spooky and thrilling Neo track. – Shot at the Mystic River and Gone Baby Gone theaters, Mare of Easttown is a mystery that rests on the frustrated and reluctant shoulders of its unhappy characters, who resent their monotonous lives and overwhelming responsibilities. He’s superbly done, and Winslet is a slow, bitter force like Mare Sheehan. Mare is the former Easttown High School basketball star, who now lives in a post-divorce ghost world – both personal and professional. Everything is not specified immediately in this first episode, “Miss Lady Hawk Herself”, but the configuration is grandiose and the whole is in a way a magnificent parade of misery.Mare has been immersed in a year-long missing persons case that is going absolutely nowhere, and now a new County Detective is called in to help (although he, played by Evan Peters, won’t arrive until Episode 2) . At the end of the episode, a whole new case of nightmares opens up for Mare and the city in a way that suggests that the “thriller?” Stories shouldn’t be taken as the absolute focus here. Of course, they are an important part, but the main attraction is Mare and the chaos that engulfs her on a daily basis. There will be crimes all around her, and they will (presumably) be solved by the end of this limited series, but the main arc we follow is Mare – her family, her grief and how (of course it seems) all. the world in his area code resents him for different reasons.With a gallery of rogue suspects contained in a proficient cast starring Jean Smart, Guy Pearce, David Denman, Neal Huff, James McArdle, and more us a terrific look at inside the inner city drama. It’s the kind of show that hits you with big beats, but also kind of nods to the smaller moments, letting you know that you should be careful with whatever is said and shown, because it will likely come back. in one form or another.

Mare of Easttown: Season 1 Gallery

Guy Pearce plays an out of the tower that takes an immediate liking to Winslet’s mare, despite his best efforts to avoid her and almost everyone around her. It’ll be interesting to see (maybe) how he creeps into her life as a romantic interest as the series progresses. She is so reluctant to allow herself any happiness that her worship is almost immersion therapy. Naturally, we have every reason in the world to be wary of Pearce’s character, but since he’s one of the most notable faces in the cast, he could just be a Red Herring, and proof that Mare isn’t the one. alone to retreat. of a potentially good thing. The genre itself, like life, trains us as viewers to do the same. The other story we follow in this premiere is teen mum Erin, played by the Devs’ Cailee Spaeny, who is mobbed from all sides. by an abusive dad, a good-for-nothing baby daddy and a local girl who wants to fight her ass. Erin and Mare’s story unfolds side by side, proving that age has nothing to do with the characters getting trapped in ruthless ruts. Erin does her best to fly off to her new opportunity while Mare, for all intents and purposes, only contemplates dead end.

Written (and created) by Brad Ingelsby of The Way Back, and expertly directed by Craig Zobel (The Leftovers, Westworld), Mare of Easttown uses the first episode to paint a portrait, then nails us with a coffin drop at the end. In a sense, the meatier mystery doesn’t start until near the closing credits, but again, the story centers on Mare and the city. He wants to make sure you’re invested in the characters before the story starts to mess them all up.

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