Liberal MP sparks dismay in House of Commons after appearing naked on camera in front of colleagues


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“If you could remind our colleagues, especially men, that a tie and jacket are mandatory, but also a shirt, underwear and pants”

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OTTAWA – A Liberal MP caused dismay in the House of Commons on Wednesday when he appeared completely naked on camera during Question Period.

The Bloc Québécois whip, Claude DeBellefeuille, exposed the incident for the first time by interrupting the proceedings of the House of Commons by asking the Speaker of the House Anthony Rota to intervene.

“Since the start of the pandemic, you have repeatedly said the importance of respecting decorum and the dress code. And I think we broke a record today, because we saw a member, in question period, in the simplest outfit. In other words, naked, ”DeBellefeuille told the speaker after seeing her colleague undressed.

“So if you could remind our colleagues, especially men, that a tie and jacket are mandatory, but also a shirt, underwear and pants. We could see that the member was in excellent physical shape, but I think it is important to remind him to control his camera.

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A photo of the scene – which was not released publicly but only visible to Members of Parliament who were in virtual Question Period – provided to the National Post reveals that the assailant is in fact Gatineau-area Liberal MP William Amos.

In the photo, the Pontiac MP is seen completely naked, although the member’s limb is covered by a strategically placed cell phone at the exact time of the screenshot. He doesn’t seem to know his camera is on him as he stands next to his chair in front of his desk.

Amos did not immediately respond to questions about why he was naked in his office at a time he was supposed to attend parliamentary debates.

The Speaker of the House could barely contain an embarrassed laugh in response to DeBellefeuille as he confirmed that House techs had also “seen something” and reminded MPs to know when they were near a camera .

Problems of decorum, dress codes and technical issues have often plagued the House of Commons since it was forced to turn to virtual procedures at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But never has an MP been surprised naked by his peers, who were quick to comment on the case on social networks after the fact.

“Will, there is a white dress in my office that you can have (warning: this made a little noise) if you are really desperate for an ’emergency’ outfit,” Tory MP Michelle wrote. Rempel-Garner on Twitter, referring to a sleeveless dress she once wore that earned her some sexist comments.

“A perhaps unintentional, but nonetheless flawless, metaphorical representation of his leader’s performance in Question Period today,” Tory MP Mike Lake also tweeted.

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