Late night A16 jogger attacked during attempted robbery

Late night A16 jogger attacked during attempted robbery

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A group of foodie Grimsby men started a one-of-a-kind business in town, offering rainbow-colored bagel burgers with local ingredients – and The Lincolnite went to check it out.

The Bad Boy Bagel company started just six weeks ago, at the end of February, and is the brainchild of directors Max Barnet and brothers Max and Charlie Leonard.

Their rainbow-colored bagels were a huge hit with locals in North Lincolnshire, and Chef Max Leonard said it was all about standing out.

Max Leonard is a chef at Bad Boy Bagel Co, a brand new food delivery company in Grimsby. | Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

He said Le Lincolnite: “Everything in modern life is all about images, we used the colorful buns to stand out from the crowd.

“We also have other unique selling points: We are the only local place to use wagyu beef and all of our products are locally sourced.”

L’impressionnant Bad Boy Hash Bagel. | Photo: Steve Smailes pour The Lincolnite

Of course, we had to try it, so we tested the bestseller, the Bad Boy Hash Bagel, as well as loaded dirty fries.

Taste-wise it was truly stunning, the 4oz wagyu beef patty was tender and was brilliantly complemented with the hash browns, bacon and crispy onions.

The hash browns really are a key part of this brilliant bagel. | Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

Naturally you would expect bread to have a particular taste, but it tastes just as good as regular bread, so add some bright colors to it and it’s a win-win.

The loaded fries arrived in large portions, served with pulled pork, mozzarella, smoked cheddar, crispy onions and a top secret Bad Boy sauce.

Enough to make your stomach growl, the loaded fries are a sight to behold. | Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

Bagels range in price from £ 8 to £ 13, while loaded fries cost £ 4.95 or £ 5.95 depending on the toppings.

Plus, we tried the intriguing Cake Shakes, which consist of a slice of homemade cake mixed with local ice cream and milk.

A meal fit for a king. | Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

They cost you between £ 4 and £ 6, but if you have a sweet tooth they are an absolute must.

Max has always had a passion for food and developed his skills from a young age watching his mother cook roast dinners.

Sales demand has exceeded the wildest expectations of Bad Boy Bagels since opening.

Troy is on the staff of Bad Boy Bagel Co, and he has been described as “the King of Cake Shakes!” “| Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

“The first weekend we ordered enough stock and it ran out right away. Then the following weekend, we doubled our orders and sold again.

“I am a vegetarian, but I know our meat tastes great, the feedback we have received so far has been impressive.”

They are so good that even Wind, the Imp community, had their eyes on them! | Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

The guys from Grimsby also ran ZBR Performance for the past year, a meal prep business for fitness and nutrition.

Max Leonard doesn’t work for ZBR, but said, “I come to cook the things people really want to eat!”

They are available for collection or delivery, and you can browse the menu on your own here, or visit Bad Boy Bagel Co’s Facebook page to learn more.


The butt of battered fleas looks very neat considering how chaotic they sound, and turns out to be a big hit. | Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

The menu centers around Gyros, including chicken, pork, and grilled halloumi, all served with Tzatziki sauce, onions, tomatoes and fries. | Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

Just some of the colorful and delicious food and Tang to go. | Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

Roco BBQ serves a selection of four tacos – beef, chicken, fish and cantina beans. | Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

The new KFC Zinger Popcorn Chicken is available at Lincoln branches on High Street and Nettleham Road. | Photo: Lincolnite

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