Kate Middleton helped reunite Prince Harry and William

Kate Middleton helped reunite Prince Harry and William

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Kate Middleton, who has previously acted as a peacemaker between two brothers, is said to have once again made efforts to bring Prince William and Prince Harry together after Prince Philip’s funeral on Saturday.

The Duke of Sussex was seen chatting and walking with Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge after Prince Philip’s service ended.

As the Duke of Cambridge chatted with the Dean of Westminster outside the Chapel, Kate reportedly struck up a conversation with Harry. In their masks, it was impossible to know what was being said, but the Duchess managed to defuse a deeply tense and difficult moment.

Kate Middleton has reportedly tried to help mend Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship.

It all happened after the moving ceremony, when Kate started chatting animatedly with Harry. Then, instead of getting into their separate cars, Harry, William, and Kate decided to head back to the castle together.

Moments later, the brothers were walking together, as Kate stood back to speak to Zara Tindall. Kate seemed to make a point of letting the brothers walk alone together.

There are also reports that two brothers also had crucial talks an hour later. This is seen as a step towards reconciliation.

A media outlet claimed that Harry and William spent two hours together behind closed doors on the same day.

This is the first time the brothers have come face to face since the Duke of Sussex and his wife, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex sat down for an explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship seems to be in a better place than it has been for a long time – and they apparently have to thank Kate Middleton, at least in part, for their reconciliation.

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