Kate Garraway’s husband Derek “has a long, exhausting battle ahead” after leaving hospital

Kate Garraway Covid

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Kate Garraway’s husband Derek Draper has finally returned home after being hospitalized for a year with coronavirus.
The 53-year-old has been battling the virus since March last year but has now returned home to north London.

Kate and her two children, Billy, 11, and Darcey, 15, are “delighted” that their father has been given the green light to come home.

However, they have been warned that he faces a “long and grueling” struggle to be fully healthy.

Doctors had also warned the family that he might never fully recover from the damage to his body.

The author will receive 24-hour care at the Garraway home, where he was taken by ambulance on Wednesday.

He would now respond regularly and would have been removed from all machinery and breathing apparatus.

Derek Draper had been in hospital for a year with coronavirus
(Image: ITV)

A family friend told The Sun, “Derek is unique. Medical experts are now looking for unique ways to give Derek the best possible chance of recovery and agree that being surrounded by his wife Kate and their two children is vital to achieving this goal.

“The professional medical teams who were caring for Derek decided to release him from the hospital for 24 hour home care. “

The friend revealed how Kate has dreamed of this day for so long and expressed his thanks to the NHS.

They said there had been “a lot of tears of joy from everyone” since returning home and added: “This past year has given Derek and Kate an absolutely unbreakable bond – she has been such a rock and a total inspiration to everyone. Britain is battling its own horror stories of the pernicious disease. ”

Derek was first taken to hospital on March 30, 2020 while suffering from numbness in his hand as well as headaches and shortness of breath.

Kate could only see Derek on his phone during long periods of hospitalization
(Image: ITV)

He was then placed in a induced coma for 13 weeks before waking up in July.

Audiences followed her progress with regular updates from Kate, including an ITV documentary titled Finding Derek which focused on her husband’s battle with the coronavirus.

She is also set to release a book on April 29 called The Power Of Hope: The Touching Memories of Kate Garraway from television.

The memoir was created from messages in her diary of the difficult time in her life.

She hopes her open and honest worlds will help other families facing the struggles she and her family have had over the past year.

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