Kate Garraway speaks out on ‘crushing’ first weekend at home with Derek

Derek Draper

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Kate Garraway opened up about her first ‘overwhelming and exciting’ weekend at home with husband Derek Draper, who was finally cleared home a year after being admitted to hospital with Covid.
Derek, 53, is the UK’s most suffering Covid patient after falling ill with coronavirus symptoms in March 2020 and placed in a coma.

The former political lobbyist returned to her family’s home by ambulance last week and is receiving 24-hour care at the facility, which Kate has tailored to meet her needs.

After her first weekend with Derek in over a year, Kate returned to work on Good Morning Britain on Monday alongside Susanna Reid to change the usual lineup.

Susanna opened the show on Monday by saying it was “amazing” to present with Kate, adding that she had canceled her vacation to present the show’s cover before Prince Phillip’s funeral on Monday.

Kate Garraway has opened up about spending her first weekend at home with Derek Draper after her year in the hospital
(Image: ITV)
The policy adviser, 53, was admitted to hospital with coronavirus in March last year
(Image: ITV)

Kate said she found it “inappropriate” to talk about her husband Derek over the weekend after the sad news, but was happy to update viewers on GMB on Monday.

Revealing Derek returned from the hospital on Wednesday night, Kate said: “It’s amazing. We are over the moon and overwhelmed.

“It’s like when you bring your firstborn home and have been planning for nine months. “

Susanna said Derek needs to be surrounded by Kate and her children Darcey and William again.

“It was a medical reason to come home, as well as our desire and desire too, to try and encourage a more normal environment to better stimulate her recovery, cognition and consciousness. “

She told viewers her children ‘loved’ having their father at home – after going six months without seeing him.

Kate said her kids ‘loved’ having their dad at home
(Image: ITV)

“They are excited and overwhelmed,” she said.

Kate then explained that while Derek was at home they had an alarm system in place so he could call if he needed anything and 24 hour care staff living with them.

“If you are wondering why I am here, there are people there,” she explained. “Someone’s there for Derek and the kids, so we’re all good. “

Kate said she found it inappropriate to tell viewers about her husband after Prince Phillip’s death
(Image: ITV)
Kate thanked viewers for their support over the past 12 months
(Image: ITV)

Susanna said it was important for Kate to work.

“We have to gradually make everything work,” Kate replied.

“We had some beautiful moments where [Derek] reacted to something Darcey said.

“I don’t want to hope too much. “

Kate then thanked viewers for all their support after revealing Friday morning that her husband was coming home from the hospital.

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