Jose Mourinho: Tottenham manager sacked after 17 months

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Jose Mourinho’s last game in charge was a 2-2 draw with Everton

Jose Mourinho was sacked by Tottenham after just 17 months at the helm.

The Portuguese replaced Mauricio Pochettino as Spurs coach in November 2019 and guided the club to sixth place in the Premier League last season.

They are currently seventh, having collected two points in their last three league games, and were eliminated from the Europa League in March.

Spurs face Manchester City in the Carabao Cup final on April 25.

On Sunday, Tottenham were one of six Premier League clubs to announce they are joining a new European Super League, but it is not related to the dismissal of Mourinho.

Mourinho’s coaching staff, consisting of Joao Sacramento, Nuno Santos, Carlos Lalin and Giovanni Cerra, have also been sacked.

“Jose and his coaching staff have lived with us some of our most difficult times as a club,” said Tottenham president Daniel Levy. “Jose is a true professional who has shown tremendous resilience during the pandemic.

“On a personal level, I enjoyed working with him and I regret that things did not work out the way we both envisioned.

“He will always be welcome here and we would like to thank him and his coaching team for their contribution. “

This season, Mourinho – who previously managed Manchester United, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Inter Milan and Porto – suffered 10 league losses in a single campaign for the first time in his managerial career.

No Premier League team has lost more points in winning positions this season than Spurs, who have lost 20.

Mourinho’s last game in charge was a 2-2 league draw at Everton on Friday.

Former Spurs midfielder Ryan Mason, who has worked with the club’s academy, will attend first-team training on Monday.

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What didn’t go well?

Spurs had had a promising start to the season, including a 6-1 win over Mourinho’s former club Manchester United at Old Trafford.

A 2-0 home win over North London rivals Arsenal in early December defeated them in the Premier League, as Mourinho – three-time Premier League winner and two-time Champions League winner – became the second Spurs coach in history to win. his first two derbies from north London.

They haven’t been in the lead for a long time, falling back to second later that month with the loss to Liverpool.

Since then, Spurs have won seven of 19 league games, losing eight of them.

In February, they were knocked out of the FA Cup in a 5-4 quarter-final loss to Everton, marking the first time that a Mourinho side had conceded five goals since 2010.

They were beaten 2-1 at Arsenal on March 14 and four days later were eliminated from the Europa League, losing 3-2 on aggregate to Dinamo Zagreb after winning the first leg 2-0.

Two weeks ago, Mourinho – who has earned a reputation as a master tactician and defensive-minded coach and is a former FIFA World Coach of the Year – refused to accept blame for the lost points of Spurs.

“Same coach, different players,” he said when it was pointed out to him how good his teams are generally at defending leaders.

club Major trophies
Porto (2002-04) Primeira Liga (x2), Champions League, UEFA Cup (now Europa League), Portuguese Cup
Chelsea (2004-07 et 2013-15) Premier League (x3), FA Cup, League Cup (x3)
Inter Milan (2008-10) Serie A (x2), Champions League, Italian Cup
Real Madrid (2010-13) La Liga, Copa del Rey
Manchester United (2016-18) Europa League, League Cup
Tottenham (2019-21) Nothing

Mourinho’s Spurs statistics

  • Jose Mourinho has only won 51% of his matches at the helm at Tottenham in all competitions (44/86). It was only with Leiria (45%) that he posted a lower win rate with just one club during his managerial career.
  • Tottenham have lost 13 games in all competitions this season, which is the most defeats Jose Mourinho has suffered in a single campaign as a manager.
  • During Mourinho’s stay at Tottenham, only Man City (130), Liverpool (117) and Manchester United (116) collected more points in the Premier League than Spurs (95).
  • It wasn’t until the 2015-16 season with Chelsea (0.9) and 2018-19 with Man Utd (1.5) that a Mourinho side averaged fewer points per game in a season. championship than Spurs in 2020-21 (1.6).
  • Only Brighton (31) and Southampton (30) lost more points after winning Premier League positions during the time Mourinho was in charge at Tottenham (27).
  • Eleven of the 20 points lost to winning positions this season come from goals conceded in the last 10 minutes of games.
  • Mourinho leaves Spurs with a record 27 wins, 14 draws and 17 losses in 58 Premier League games.
  • Of all the managers to take over 10 or more matches for Tottenham in the Premier League, only Tim Sherwood (1.91), Mauricio Pochettino (1.89), Andre Villas-Boas (1.83) and Harry Redknapp (1, 74) average more points per game. than Mourinho (1.64).

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