John Kennedy blows up Rangers boss Steven Gerrard and SFA as he is stunned by Ibrox Five delay

John Kennedy blows up Rangers boss Steven Gerrard and SFA as he is stunned by Ibrox Five delay

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John Kennedy blasted Steven Gerrard and the SFA for handling the Ibrox Covid Five case.
Interim Celtic boss believes Rangers boss Gerrard has the cheek looking for lockdown rule-breaker Nathan Patterson to get away lightly because he’s a Scottish prospect.

And Kennedy was stunned that the appeal against the six-game bans handed down will now be heard after the Old Firm Scottish Cup showdown next weekend, more than two months after players were caught by cops on the move. to do a shindig when closing.

Paterson, Calvin Bassey and Bongani Zungu, who were in the dock with youngsters Dapo Mebude and Brian Kinnear, will now be available for Ibrox clash on April 17.

They were previously cleared to face Celtic in the Premiership’s 1-1 draw at Parkhead last month.

Gerrard’s call to make Hampden’s beaks easy with Patterson because he’s one of Scotland’s best prospects struck a nerve with the Hoops as they were crushed in the wake of the demise from Boli Bolingoli earlier in the season.

Kennedy said, “Steven has his reasons for doing this and saying it, but our players are talented.

“We paid money for them and have high hopes for them.

“Look at the Bolingoli situation. Yes, he broke the law and he was punished severely for it and rightly so.

“We’re not defending that, but it was a huge setback in terms of his Celtic career.

“It’s the punishment to get out of it.

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“You can not do that. We were late then and we had to organize these matches elsewhere while losing a player who had been important to us.

“It was not a good situation and there was a lot of pressure on us because of it because we were paying the catch then.

“We can’t use this as an excuse because Bolingoli put us in this position and we had to face it and move on.

“But we have to make sure there is consistency across the board.

“It has been very clear to our players that these are situations in which you cannot get involved.

“Firstly, because you will be punished for it, but it also puts additional pressure and control on the club. These players have themselves been caught breaking the law.

“Regardless of the skill or value of the player, there is a penalty when you go off the line. We have been treated badly in the past and had to accept it.

“That’s just my opinion and I’m not saying it just because it’s the Rangers.

“Aberdeen was treated the same as us when their players were involved in their situation.

“Our players are talented. They were punished. It’s the same difference.

“It should be very clear on how you handle situations like this.

“No matter who the player – no matter how talented, how valuable – there is a penalty for going off the line in these situations.

“We have been treated badly in the past and had to accept it and we have to wait and see what happens to Rangers.”

Kennedy is also stunned that there are eight weeks left before the Covid party, but a final decision will take until April 20.

Celtic postponed games and Bolingoli was banned just four days after breaking the rules by flying to Spain.

Kennedy demanded consistency. He said, “It’s not our situation but, from the outside, I don’t understand why there is such a delay.

“Players played against us who probably should have been banned.

“It’s something that I think should have been dealt with a lot faster to stay consistent with all the other decisions that have taken place.

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“The SFA probably needs to address this issue itself and give everyone a little more clarity on the heist and why it took so long.

“I’m talking about protocols because we tend to use that word, but 100% they were against the law. They were treated initially.

“Getting back to consistency, we were treated very quickly and we were severely punished and we had to accept that and move on.

“The AFS are the only ones who can speak out and clarify why this decision has taken so long and exactly what they
think. ”

Right-back Paterson was involved in last month’s Old Firm game and will be a key man again next week, with James Tavernier still battling after injury.

This is another sore point for the Celts and Kennedy said, “Again, it’s a byproduct of that and I don’t know why it took so long.

“I don’t have the answer to that. You would need to ask the SFA.

“I can’t tell them how to do their job, but all we can ask is that these issues be treated the same during a pandemic that has been difficult for everyone.”

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