John de Lancie discusses de Q, Revival Castings


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John de Lancie attends the Star Trek convention

John de Lancie attends the Star Trek convention
photo: Ethan Miller (Getty Images)

Season 1 of Star Trek: Picard is filled with nostalgia and characters Star Trek fans know and love. Season two will continue this legacy by asking John from Lancie to reprise his role as high power entity Q. While it was a beautiful surprise to learn last week, in a new interview, the actor says he was not quite sure if he would return to the renaissance despite other classics. The next generation stars appearing.

Adam B. Vary at Variety asked de Lancie if he ever thought that Q would appear in the new universe and where he might end up. After talking to one of the producers who told him they wanted Q to appear, the actor got a bit taken back, ” Star Trek did a lot of movies and other shows without me. So I didn’t assume that (come back) was going to be the case. He prefers to spend his career not thinking about assumptions, but moving forward with opportunities when they arise.

As for his interest in reviving the character, he says it’s a bit of a “mixed bag” and expressed concern about having to reinvent the wheel. “I’m meant to be immortal and I certainly look very deadly. There were issues about all of this. I was flattered. Of course, I said yes. I didn’t have to think about that part. And then I wondered, where are they going to go with this? After thinking about the decision for a long time, he accepted the idea that Star Trek: Picard – like many recent covers – is not about reinvention but about innovation. “I’m very attached to the whole problem, you can never go back,” he said. We take what we have and move on. And for me, it’s exciting.

De Lancie admits the pressure from fans has made him nervous, mainly because he wants to live up to fans’ expectations and match their energy. “The pressure is strong! That’s what I feel. I find it a challenge. I hope I can match it. “

After completing seven seasons (1987-1994) of Star Trek: The Next GenerationLancie has had an extensive acting career spanning film, television and theater. One of his biggest roles afterStar Trek plays Donald Margolis in the hit TV series Breaking Bad. But for Trekkies, he’ll always be Q, and he’s ready and willing to take up the torch once more.

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The second season of Picard is set to reach Paramount + in 2022.

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