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Keen to ensure that her birthday weekend will be one to remember for fans around the world, Janet Jackson has finally agreed to auction more than 1,000 pieces from a career spanning four decades.

The star, who has sold over 185 million records and remains the only female artist in history to score seven of an album’s top five singles, teamed up with famed auctioneer Julien’s to organize the sale of three days in Beverly Hills starting May 14.

A rare exhibition of Jackson costumes and memorabilia will be shown to fans at London’s Hard Rock Cafe on April 19 for five days, before the collection moves to New York and then Los Angeles ahead of the auction.

Janet Jackson on The Jackson Family Honors TV show, 1994.
Janet Jackson on The Jackson Family Honors TV show, 1994. Her costume is one of those for sale. Photographie: NBC / Universal / Getty Images

“Janet has never done anything like this before. We contacted her so many times, and it was always very difficult to find anything at auction at her house because she kept and archived everything, ”said Martin Nolan, Executive Director of Julien’s Auctions. The 10th and youngest of the Jackson brothers is believed to have spent most of the year living quietly at her home in London with her four-year-old son, leading an international closet cleanup.

Nolan said or Observer that “putting up the auction was an incredibly cathartic project for her.”

“She kept these things for years and at home in Los Angeles, New York and London. She was incredibly handy sending personal notes on each piece, remembering what she was wearing and when, which we have included in the catalog. Now she feels it’s time to let go.

Items to be won include Jackson’s wedding dress for his secret wedding to dancer René Elizondo Jr in 1991, as well as furniture and jewelry. It will also include costumes from his tours and music videos for the songs Control, Nasty and What Have You Done For Me Lately. Jackson’s futuristic sets of Scream, his duet with his brother Michael, then the world’s most expensive music video at $ 7 million, are all included.

The bundles were offered at a moderate price – Jackson’s Rhythm Nation military jacket, arguably one of his most memorable outfit, is priced at $ 6,000, while his famous silver single earring hanging from a key. , is marked at $ 2000.

Jackson has produced 12 albums, many of which went multi-platinum, and still holds the record for an artist’s most successful first gig with his Rhythm Nation tour in 1990.

His career – in the mainstream, at least – was derailed in the 2000s with a 2004 Superbowl performance dubbed Nipplegate, when Justin Timberlake ripped part of Jackson’s costume and exposed his chest to the world.

The moment scandalized the United States; Jackson’s songs and videos were ripped from radio and TV stations as the backlash focused almost entirely on her. It took 17 years for Timberlake to apologize to Jackson, which he did on Instagram in February. The Superbowl costume is not included in the auction.

Still, Jackson continued to connect with a growing army of young fans on TikTok and Instagram; tributes to his most famous choreographed dances regularly go viral. and it was described by the Guardian “Like influencing a whole new generation” of pop and R&B acts.

Following his set at Glastonbury 2019, Jackson was scheduled to perform in stadiums around the world again last summer before his Black Diamond tour was postponed.

The Jackson auction of what Julien calls “the iconic treasures of a legendary career” is accompanied by three catalogs, signed in limited editions by the singer, for sale at $ 800 each.

The house estimates a multi-million dollar sale, with Jackson donating a portion of the profits to the charity Compassion International.


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