Jamie Lee Curtis provides update on the Thrombey family

Jamie Lee Curtis provides update on the Thrombey family

SPOILERS for KNIVES RELEASED. Consider yourself warned. After the huge success of Rian Johnson’s whodunit thriller Knives Out, there was no doubt that Detective Benoit Blanc would return to solve more mysteries, but fans were still surprised when it was announced earlier this week that Netflix was selling big bucks for not one, but two. Knives Out suites!

It remains to be seen exactly what kind of mysteries Detective White will tackle in the Knives Out sequel, but Jamie Lee Curtis took to Instagram (as Linda) to explain that the Thromby family will no longer have nothing to do with Blanc.

« To clear up the rumors, the Thromby family are in family counseling and the therapist has suggested staying away from Benoit Blanc in the future,“Curtis wrote.Linda was fine as she kicked her moccasin carrying a husbands cock, sorry @donjohnson on the sidewalk. The others are jostling each other. Ransom is apparently in the business of knitting sweaters, a new skill he learned in the slammer. Joni has a vaginal scent bath bomb, Walt himself publishes his memoir. NONE of us will be joining Mr. Blanc in Greece. As the spokesperson for the family, we wish the filmmakers the best of ourselves in their new venture. »

While the sequel will obviously find Detective Benoit Blanc tackling another mystery, Rian Johnson has previously teased that we shouldn’t expect more of the same for the sequel. ” In the same way that Agatha Christie wrote a bunch of Poirot novels,«Rian Johnson a dit,»we can do it with Blanc and keep making new mysteries, you know, a whole new cast, a whole new place, a whole new mystery, it’s just another Beniot Blanc mystery. There is so much you could do with it.“Johnson continued:”You look at Agatha Christie’s books for example, it’s not like everyone is a mansion, a family, a library and a detective. Besides the settings, she also explored a bunch of different subgenres, And Then They Were None is basically a slasher movie, it’s basically a horror movie; The ABC Murders is kind of like a proto-series killer movie of sorts. She found a very different narrative way in each of them. »


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