It was never really Agatha all along


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Wanda casts a spell on Agatha Harkness.

Wanda casts a spell on Agatha Harkness.
Screenshot: Disney + / Marvel

When Marvel’s WandaVision asked rhetorically, “Who messed it up?” in his seventh episode, the answer was as obvious as it was catchy. But speak series final Of the Disney + series, the answer had become considerably more complicated, largely because of the density and sometimes thestuffed the episode felt.

Agatha Harkness very quickly became WandaVisionClosest thing to a big bad supervillain, but in the finale the Parasitic Elder Witch said a few things that didn’t make it clear exactly where WandaVision blamed Westview for what happened. Just as Agatha very explicitly took everyone’s credit WandaVisionmischief by hammering him towards the camera during ” Agatha throughoutAgatha and Wanda’s journey through the Scarlet Witch’s mind made it clear that Wanda was uncontrollably working spells long before she and Agatha crossed paths.

In a recent interview for Empire Magazine Film Podcast, WandaVision creator and showrunner Jac Schaeffer reiterated how at one point the production process of the show, the possibility of Agatha acting more like a mentor in Wanda, as she often does in the comics, was briefly examined before it was finally decided that the character would perform better as a villain. Agatha takes credit for Wanda’s impressive feats of chaos magic fitting into the series’ scope as a manipulator, but Schaeffer explained that it was important to her that there was a substantial amount of truth in it. essence of Agatha’s words to her fellow sorcerer.

“She’s just playing around with things, like, she’s actually not responsible for anything,” Schaeffer said of Agatha. “She does some things with the kids and Vision, and she’s pretty mean, but the majority of things she says to Wanda are true and correct, and she’s right.” Heroes don’t torture people.

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Strong like WandaVision For the most part, until her last episode, how the internal complexity of the story was meant to reflect Wanda’s own disjointed and chaotic emotional states sometimes got lost in the mix of things. This was especially true in moments designed to make you guess which villainous comic book characters could hide in plain sight. Despite all the red herring, however, Schaeffer still sees WandaVision as a story that illustrates why the power wielded by Wanda also comes with a high level of responsibility.

“It was important to us that everything was Wanda and that it was her responsibility because we didn’t want – we weren’t doing Mephisto, Nightmare, the Grim Reaper, or any other person or entity,” Scheffer explained. “If we’re not going to take the cheapest route for there to be that other strength, okay, if we’re going to give the gift of storytelling to Wanda, I’m giving all the power, she’s got the guilt too.” and has responsibility. “

On the set of WandaVisionthe twists and turns of Pietro.overhaulHas caused one of the biggest buzzes due to all of its implicit meaning about the possibility of a future MCU filled with mutants. “Fietro,” Schaeffer explained, was always meant to be a major meta-joke designed to mock audiences as much as it alarmed Wanda herself the minute her ersatz brother showed up at her doorstep. Beyond the obvious gag order of it all, however, a fair amount of thought has been given to how grievers sometimes find it difficult to fear remembering their lost loved ones.

“We brought in a bereavement counselor [writers] room, and we did some research on grief, and there’s a lot about how people remember faces, ”Schaeffer recalls. “The anguish of do not remember the faces of your loved ones, remember badly, or actively remembering things as a self-preservation tactic – it all became fascinating to us, and we thought that throwing Evan [Peters] in the role, it would not only have that effect on Wanda, but it would also have that meta-layer for the audience.

In Schaeffer’s mind, WandaVision saw the Avenger become a wife, mother, and showrunner of her own reality, while subconsciously allowing herself to be enlightened in a way that belied the power she held. It ended up being one of the most disturbing things about how WandaVision left her titular witch as she flew off to relax in a cabin in the woods with her new spellbook. To the next widow Maximoff appears in the MCU, there’s no doubt that she’ll have all kinds of new levels of defenses launched specifically to make sure she never runs into another Westview situation again. Given that she is the harbinger of the apocalypse, however, whatever she does next is likely to cause a lot of noise.

WandaVision is now streaming on Disney +. We’ll see Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch next on the big screen in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

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