Interim Celtic boss John Kennedy says Rangers youngster Nathan Patterson should be hammered by SFA

John Kennedy puzzled by SFA procrastination

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JOHN KENNEDY insists Rangers starlet Nathan Patterson should be hammered by the SFA for breaking Covid rules.
The Gers have appealed the six-game ban imposed on the defender and four other players who attended a party in a closed house.


Nathan Patterson, child of Rangers, is free to face Celtic in Scottish CupCredit: EPA

Boss Steven Gerrard says Hampden’s beaks should be easy on his players as Patterson is a future Scotland star, insisting a suspension could damage the 19-year-old’s career.

But Hoops caretaker boss Kennedy asked the SFA to explain why they dragged their heels on appeal, as they moved quickly to strike Celtic defender Boli Bolingoli with a five-game ban, after he ‘he went AWOL to Spain.

The hearing will now take place on April 20, leaving Patterson free for the Old Firm Scottish Cup draw at Ibrox next weekend.

Kennedy said, “Steven Gerrard has his reasons for doing this and for saying what he said.


John Kennedy intrigued by SFA procrastinationCredit: PA

“But it doesn’t matter if you’re a talent or not, you’ve always broken protocols, and there is a punishment that comes with it.

“Our players are also talented. They were punished. It’s the same difference.

“We paid money for them and have high hopes for them.

“Look at the situation of Boli Bolingoli. Yes, he broke the law, and he was punished severely for it – and rightly so.

“We are not defending this. But it was a massive setback in terms of his Celtic career.

Celtic outcast Boli Bolingoli broke Covid rules with Spain getaway4
Celtic outcast Boli Bolingoli broke Covid rules with Spain getawayCredit: The Sun

“It’s the punishment for getting off the line. You can not do that.

“It has been very clear to our players that these are situations in which you cannot get involved.

“Firstly, because you will be punished for it, but it also puts additional pressure and control on the club.

“Bolingoli was punished and we accepted it was the right thing.

Steven Gerrard says SFA may hurt Nathan Patterson by hitting him with ban4
Steven Gerrard says SFA may hurt Nathan Patterson by hitting him with banCredit: PA

“These players were caught breaking the law. The SFA must resolve this issue quickly. It’s consistency that, again, a lot of people in Scotland will ask if it’s with arbitration, the SFA disciplinary process or other things.

“It should be very clear on how you handle situations like this.

“No matter who the player is, and no matter how talented or how good he is, there has to be a penalty when you go off the line in these situations.

“We’ve been treated badly in the past and had to accept it, and we have to wait and see what happens to Rangers.

DATE SET Rangers Covid 5 SFA call date confirmed with Nathan Patterson free for Celtic Cup clash

“I’m not saying that just because it’s the Rangers. Aberdeen was treated the same as us when their players were involved in their situation.

“There is a process in place for how they deal with these things, but for some reason it seems to have failed at this point, and only the SFA can answer it.”

Patterson was free to play Celtic in the last Old Firm clash, while the SFA considered what action to take.

Kennedy wants to know why. He added: “We were treated very quickly in the situation we were in. We had games postponed and the players were dealt with fairly quickly.

“I really don’t know what the delay and the hold-up is.

“Players who probably should have been banned played against us. They broke the rules.

“The SFA needs to address this issue itself and give everyone a little more clarity regarding the heist and why it has taken so long.

“I think this is something that should have been dealt with a lot faster to stay consistent with all the other decisions that have taken place.”

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