Inside Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s doomed relationship


They were America’s hottest power couple, scaling the worlds of celebrity, business and fashion – but the epic love story between Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez started with awkward text that would make one blush. college student.

“You look sexy AF,” the former Yankee slugger reportedly wrote to the pop diva as she walked away from the table on their first date in Beverly Hills in 2017.

“I had to get up and readjust my thoughts,” A-Rod told Vanity Fair of what was going through his mind before sending such a note. “I went to the bathroom and had the courage to text him.”

J-Lo told the post she didn’t have much time to consider A-Rod’s attempt to court – because something happened that would be a pretty fitting metaphor for the rest. of their relationship.

” The [restaurant’s] the fire alarm went off and we had to evacuate, ”Lopez told the magazine.

From the start, the couple’s love affair would be unlike any other – and no one was more aware of it than A-Rod himself.

“Whatever you do, you can’t screw her up,” a longtime friend of the retired MLB star told her shortly after meeting Lopez.

“I said, ‘This lady is like American royalty,’ the friend recalled to the Post. “No matter what, you can’t mistreat her. If you break up for some reason, she’s the one who has to empty your ass! That’s a lot of pressure on someone to date Jennifer Lopez! But they both fell in love.

Jennifer Lopez et Alex Rodriguez
Jennifer Lopez et Alex Rodriguez
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Known to everyone as J-Rod, the duo took to social media to share their every move, from lavish vacations to private jet trips.

Even their finances were intimately linked.

The couple reportedly bought a $ 40 million waterfront home on Star Island in Florida last summer. They also returned a house in Miami with the help of Chip and Joanna Gaines and bought and sold a penthouse in Manhattan.

Last summer, they tried unsuccessfully to buy the New York Mets together, losing a bidding war to billionaire Steve Cohen. They also support the TruFusion fitness brand.

When they announced their engagement – complete with a $ 1.8 million ring – on the private Baker’s Bay resort in the Bahamas in March 2019, it looked like they were set to join the pantheon of celebrity brides like Beyoncé. and Jay-Z, and George and Amal. Cooney.

However, as of early 2021, the couple still had not set a date.

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez broke up, saying Thursday: "We are better as friends."
Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez broke up, saying Thursday: “We’re better as friends.”

It turns out they spent “95%” of the pandemic together, according to the source who knows them. Meanwhile, they went to couple counseling, J-Lo revealed in a magazine interview.

“It was really, really good. We have to work on ourselves. We did therapy, ”she told Seduce. “I think it really helped us in our relationship.”

Despite the therapy, A-Rod’s friend’s warning turned out to be prophetic, as rumors that the Big League played on the field with another woman wreaked havoc on the relationship.

In March of this year, stories linking A-Rod to “Southern Charm” star Madison LeCroy began to surface.

LeCroy revealed that they had been FaceTiming, but insisted they had not met in person.

Nonetheless, J-Lo was furious and “embarrassed” that her man was entangled with a random reality TV star, sources said.

In March of this year, Page Six first reported that, largely because of the LeCroy incident, A-Rod and J-Lo had arrested him.

Madison LeCroy, Alex Rodriguez et Jennifer Lopez
Madison LeCroy wishes Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez the best of luck after their high-profile split.

The leak of their relationship problems surprised the singer of “Jenny From the Block”, who was in the Dominican Republic making her new film “Shotgun Wedding”, without knowing it.

She was “on her own, she didn’t have her kids with her, she didn’t have any friends there, she was devastated and there were a lot of tears,” a source said.

After the story broke, the couple made a hasty attempt to make things right with a weekend together in the Dominican Republic. Their public relations team also went into overdrive and released a statement claiming the news of their split was “inaccurate.”

They have even been spotted cuddling and kissing for the cameras. The attempt at reconciliation was genuine, sources said.

“I think Alex tried to make it work, when he came down to the Dominican it wasn’t a masquerade… he was genuine,” said a source who knows the couple.

“I have no doubt that Jennifer was the one in control of the way it played out. She wished she had the last word. The initial story surprised her and she enjoys running her own affairs.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were seen kissing in the Dominican Republic after their brief split.
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were seen kissing in the Dominican Republic after their brief split.

The couple finally said on Thursday that they were calling the shutdown for good.

We are told they had been working on a shared official statement for days before it was given exclusively to J-Lo’s favorite outlet, “The Today Show.”

“It was really important that they got a line in there to keep doing business together,” a source close to the split said.

The statement said, “We have realized that we are better as friends and we look forward to staying that way. We will continue to work together and support each other on our common activities and projects. We wish the best for each other and for each other’s children.

Alex Rodriguez's latest business venture seems to indicate his relationship with Jennifer Lopez was over, sources say.
Alex Rodriguez’s latest business venture seems to indicate his relationship with Jennifer Lopez was over, sources say.
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One issue that signaled the couple were breaking up was A-Rod’s recent decision to own an NBA team with a male friend and not his wealthy fiancee.

A few days before the news of their split, A-Rod is said to be finalizing a deal to buy the Minnesota Timberwolves with his pal Marc Lore and not with the pop diva.

“It was clear they had parted ways when she wasn’t in the Timberwolves deal like she was in the Mets bid – maybe she didn’t want to move to Minnesota,” a close source revealed. from A-Rod.

Sources said that while the Timberwolves deal may have signaled problems, they remain friends and plan to make other deals together. J-Lo, we are told, still has the ring.

“They will continue to work together in all of their business ventures,” said another source. “They have always encouraged each other to dream big and become bigger.”

A source close to Lopez said she and Rodriguez wanted to keep the split simple for the sake of their children. Three times married, J-Lo has twins Emme and Max, 13, with her ex Marc Anthony. A-Rod is the dad of daughters Natasha, 16, and Ella, 12, with ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis.

“Their children became very close over the course of their relationship, and for the children, they wanted to keep the split as easy as possible,” the source told us. “Jennifer and Alex are two very busy people with great public lives.”

As for A-Rod, “he’s fine,” a friend says, while J-Lo does what J-Lo does best.

She’s on the cover of In Style magazine, where her exes Ben Affleck and Anthony pay homage to her – with no A-Rod in sight.


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