Hubert Davis turns to former North Carolina basketball players to supplement coaching staff

Hubert Davis turns to former North Carolina basketball players to supplement coaching staff

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Hubert Davis’ coaching staff in North Carolina looks familiar.
For the first time in UNC men’s basketball history, the head coach and top three assistants are all former Tar Heels players.

Davis, who replaced Roy Williams after the Hall of Famer announced his retirement on April 1, on Thursday appointed Sean May, Brad Frederick and Jeff Lebo as assistants.

May, who was the 2005 NCAA Tournament MVP, had been on Williams’ staff for six seasons, and Frederick is also a longtime program assistant. Lebo, who was Davis’ UNC teammate, had been a head coach at East Carolina from 2010-17.

Jackie Manuel, another former North Carolina star, is Davis’ director of player and team development.

“I wanted a staff who went to North Carolina and played in North Carolina,” Davis said in a statement. “I think you have a great opportunity to do this job well if you’ve experienced it as a player. It’s not the only way, of course, but given that there are so many former players coaching, it’s a great way to build. my first staff as a head coach.

“It was important for each of the assistants to have a link with the coach [Dean] Smith, coach [Bill] Guthridge, entraîneur [Matt] Doherty and Coach Williams. He connects each of the personalities of the former Head Coaches to our current team, which has been a huge motivation for me in building this staff. Carolina Basketball, that’s all, and I wanted a staff who had this diversity of experiences to give the most to our players. “

Steve Robinson, who spent 18 years with Williams in North Carolina, was not selected, according to the school’s release. Former North Carolina star Kendall Marshall, who returned two years ago as recruiting director under Williams, will not be returning either.

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