Home Bargains cheats fans with April Fool’s Day which went particularly well in Liverpool

Home Bargains cheats fans with April Fool's Day which went particularly well in Liverpool

Home bargain shoppers were taken aback by the retailer’s “cheeky” April Fools joke.
The bargain retailer is often referred to as ‘Home and Bargain’ in Liverpool, although every store has ‘Home Bargain’ above its door.

The reason for the confusion is that the Liverpool-born retail giant, founded by Tom Morris in Old Swan, changed name in 1995, removing the ‘and’.

And while the name on the window may have said “Home Bargains” for 25 years now, for many Scousers it will still be “Home and Bargain”.

On April Fool’s Day, however, some shoppers were fooled into thinking the retailer would revert to its old name – after Home Bargains shared the news on its social media pages.

Speaking to Facebook, the retail giant shared a photo of what appears to be a renowned Home Bargains store and wrote: “Yes, Home and Bargain is coming back! What do you think of our new logo? ”

The post received thousands of likes and hundreds of comments from buyers, with many quickly guessing it was an April Fool’s Day joke.

Others, however, were caught off guard and believed it to be true.

One person said, “Wahoo you called it what I call it” and a second wrote, “I always thought it was home business”.

A third said: “Awful. Prefer the current logo. It just doesn’t make sense.

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A fourth added: “Don’t stand out the same as blue and red I’m scared I can see these stores a mile away, not these, bad luck I think !!!! !

A fifth said: “Yesss Home & Bargain – everyone thinks I’m dumb when I call it that” and a sixth wrote: “Very Americanized. No problem to be honest.

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Those who noticed the joke called it “cheeky” and “a really good April Fool’s Day”.

One buyer said, “I feel an April Fool’s Day in the air” and another said, “Ooo cheeky April Fool’s Day! ”

A third wrote: “I love April Fools”.

A fourth said, “No one has timed what day it is ??? ”


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