Heartbroken Line of Duty fans ‘scream’ as Superintendent Ted Hastings gets caught

Ted Hastings was heartbroken with his interrupted career

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Line of Duty viewers were heartbroken on Sunday night when Superintendent Ted Hastings, played by Adrian Dunbar, was forced into retirement.
During a tense meeting with DCC Andrea Wise, Ted learned that he had “turned 30” and was now kicked out, with his AC-12 anti-corruption team disbanded.

She said the force planned to let 90 percent of the AC-12s leave, forced to reapply for other positions, while the team was merged, and threatened Ted with disciplinary action if he refused.

Commissioner Rohan Sindwhani accused Ted of “trying to embarrass him” by withholding sensitive information relating to a case, for which Ted explained that he had good reasons.

Superintendent Ted Hastings has learned that his team, AC-12, is being disbanded
(Image: BBC)

But DCC Wise refused to budge, and she told Ted the budget cuts were to blame and that he was “unable to lead his team.”

DCC Wise said, “No one wants to be vindictive here, Ted, you’ve turned 30, you’ll be allowed to retire with your full pension and avoid the ignominy of disciplinary action and dismissal.

“Oh yeah great, definitely no shame in that,” Ted said sarcastically.

Ted Hastings was heartbroken with his interrupted career

Emotional and furious, Ted lambasted the decision and many viewers were equally horrified at the potential loss of the beloved character.

“When did we stop worrying about honesty and integrity? ” He asked.

One fan tweeted: “I just shouted on my TV so I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to my neighbors as it will now be a frequent event until 10pm. #Course of action « .

DCC Wise told Ted Hastings he was being forced to retire because he was not fit to lead his team.
DCC Wise told Ted Hastings he was being forced to retire because he was not fit to lead his team.
(Image: BBC)


“No one is forcing my Ted to retire. Nobody dissolves my AC-12 gang. #Course of actionA third remarked.

“I’m telling you what, I didn’t force Ted to retire on this week’s bingo card.” Outraged. #Course of action», Wrote a fourth.

Commissioner Rohan Sindwhani accused Ted Hastings of trying to embarrass him
Commissioner Rohan Sindwhani accused Ted Hastings of trying to embarrass him
(Image: BBC)

Elsewhere, DCI Buckells was questioned by the AC-12 and accused of interfering with the investigation into the murder of journalist Gail Vella.

But is he a corrupt officer who tricked Terry Boyle while protecting Carl Banks from suspicion – or is he put in place, namely by DI Jo Davidson?

Steve discovered that the mystery man on the tape’s recording was Jimmy Lakewell, and offered him witness protection as long as he spoke, but a horror shootout quickly ensued as shooters of elite were trying to kill Jimmy, with Steve saving the day, but an officer was killed in the crossfire.

Jimmy Lakewell killed in prison for being
Jimmy Lakewell was killed in prison for being “a rat” in front of DCI Buckells

DCI Jo Davidson was warned by Kate that Ryan Pilkington was following her, and she tried to remove him from his team, but he threatened her at gunpoint and forced her to change her mind.

Jimmy was soon killed in prison for being a “rat”, with another prisoner strangling him with a tourniquet.

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* Line of Duty Episode 4 airs Sunday at 9 p.m. on BBC One

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