Grey’s Anatomy: Season 17 Episode 10 Recap: Eric Dane back as Mark

Grey's Anatomy: Season 17 Episode 10 Recap: Eric Dane back as Mark

After last week’s promo, we all knew Thursday Grey’s Anatomy would bring back Chyler Leigh as the late Lexie Gray. The question summer, Would she send Meredith – as if to get her off that damn beach already and bring her back to her family and friends? Read on and, if you don’t know by now, find out.

“WE ARE OUR LAST FOUR FANS” | At the start of “Breathe,” Mer was joined on the beach by Lexie. Meanwhile, in reality, Maggie, Mama Ortiz and Levi treated Marcella, whose daughter Veronica was also in Gray Sloan suffering from the effects of COVID. Nearby, Jo continued to bond with Luna and treated Irene, Cormac’s sister-in-law, who was both at high risk for coronavirus due to her MS and, as an added bonus, had a kidney stone. Maggie was feeling some anxiety before the separation that Winston was due to return to Boston. And finally, Richard reported to Team Gray Sloan that they only had four fans left, so they were all going to have to think creatively. Do they already have do not?

Back on the beach, Lexie asked Mer if she was going to stay on the beach. “It takes a while to get used to it,” Lexie admitted. Oh, and just when she was enjoying the rules, Mark showed up to say yes, she had. We have again spoken of the sand not having been real. Then Mer confirmed that on his beach the star crossed lovers must be together at the end. “I love it here,” Gray said. You could see why. Mark told Mer he often yelled the best he could for those close to him to wake up, not waste a moment. Then he gave them credit for coming up with the idea. Lexie later challenged Mer to find things to enjoy, even during a pandemic. And what did she savor? Stuff like little Bailey sticking his face in her birthday cake (and Zola laughing so hard she peed in her pants).

“THIS IS AN IMPOLITE ADULT CONVERSATION” | Back off and on top of them, Tom runs into Owen. At the same time, Teddy brought Leo and Allison to Mer’s place, where Amelia suggested that they could have tea and not be covered in vomiting for an afternoon. Watching the kids, Amelia added that Teddy’s heartache over DeLuca might lessen if she shared it. In turn, Teddy asked if there is a program of recovery for people who are not addicts and who have yet blown their lives up. At the hospital, Owen texted Cristina, who insisted on receiving a picture of the Sea monitors. And, after Link ran into Richard, Webber had a fit because they were now on their last. sacred ventilator – they should shut down the trauma unit. (Yeah, that was a zippy episode!)

gray-anatomy-recap-season-17-episode-10-eric dane mark‘THIS IS NOT A DISASTER, IT IS A COMPLICATION’ | After checking Irene’s condition, Cormac came up with the idea of ​​having Catherine rubbed. His children had already lost their mother, he didn’t want them to lose their aunt too. “He pulled the biggest strings,” Catherine said after arriving. Irene feared that her treatment would align with that of her late sister. But Catherine assured him that she was not only in good hands, she was in the best of hers – hers. As Irene was brought in for surgery, she teased Cormac about Mer… until she found out that Gray was in dire straits. Operating on Irene, Catherine encouraged Jo to consider urology. By the time they were finishing, they discovered that Irene was much worse than they thought – her ureter came out with the kidney stone!

gray-anatomy-recap-season-17-episode-10-eric dane mark“SAVE MY BABY!” | As Marcella’s condition deteriorated, Veronica was consulted on next steps. However, she was hardly in a position to advise on them. “Save my little girl!” Pleaded Marcella. “Save my mom!” Veronica said roughly when it was her turn. She then continued to blame herself for coming over and hugging her mother on her birthday. “And that could have killed her,” she added. Slowly, Alma assured Veronica that her mother would never regret the embrace. Before we knew it, Veronica was found on the verge of collapsing on the way to the elevator, and Maggie and Jackson were trying to keep her alive. At the same time, her mother started to crash after Levi knocked for her. “No, no,” Sara pointed out, “it’s not rap. ”

gray-anatomy-recap-season-17-episode-10-eric-dane-mark“CHILD, WHO THROWS A KIDNEY? “ | Alas, Schmitt and Sara had no sooner intubated Marcella than they learned that there was no ventilator for her. Cornered, the doctors decided to give Veronica the ventilator, respecting Marcella’s wishes. Outside the hospital, Maggie told Winston that if she had known she would have to choose between giving a mother and a daughter a ventilator, she would have dropped out of medical school. Just then it occurred to her that in the same way that she and her beau were sharing headphones, maybe Marcella and Veronica could share a fan. “I just have to dance,” Richard exclaimed, as he could reopen the trauma and give his daughter a raise. Of course, the whole situation weighs heavily on Alma and Sara. As Jo yelled at Catherine to leave Irene with only one kidney, Jackson’s mother silenced her. “I put it back, Wilson!” Duh! Afterward, Cormac thanked Jo for… well, just thank you. “She is single? asked Irene, who liked Alex’s ex. It wasn’t much more intimate, after all, than having his kidney in someone’s hand!

gray-anatomy-recap-season-17-episode-10-eric-dane-mark‘IT’S A YES!’ | As the hour drew to a close, Mer was ecstatic. But, were Lexie and Mark able to send her home? At that precise moment, she was talking about all her loss and her pain. What caused the pain? Mark asked. Gray hated that he knew things she didn’t know. She just didn’t want to say it. Lexie didn’t care, however – the depth of pain equated to the depth of love. Mer could not resist the change. She couldn’t really miss them either. They were there with her, often shouting in her ear. Don’t waste your life, they insisted. And as everyone at Gray Sloan started to boogie, it became clear that Mer was breathing on her own. Maggie even loved her job again! She had been inspired by Winston – and them. She was saying she didn’t want him to return to Boston when he opened his headphones to reveal an engagement ring. “I can’t imagine life without you anymore,” he said, “and I don’t want to try. Margaret Pierce, will you marry me? In response, she said an ecstatic yes. That night, Owen was able to tell Zola that her mother was no longer on a ventilator. He even gave Teddy the credit.

So what did you think of “Breathe”? Lexie’s visit? Mark’s surprised appearance? Winston’s proposal? Hit the comments with your reviews.


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