Gourmet Delivery: Le Truck Stop

Gourmet Delivery: Le Truck Stop

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Crédit photo © The Hungry Cow, Facebook

Covid hasn’t been the best customer for catering, but you can’t stop the French from their meal for a long time, and a new surprise movement took off as a result of confinement. Food trucks were making their mark before 2020, but the lockdown has seen their popularity soar – even in the middle of nowhere.

Janine Marsh, editor-in-chief of My Good Life in France and author of the book My four seasons in France, lives in a small village in the rural Seven Valleys, in Hauts-de-France. “I’m used to no shops, no bars and no restaurants within several miles,” she says.

The take-out era was a distant memory until a local couple started a food truck business, backed by the mayor, which gave them a pitch in front of the town hall.

“On their first night in our village, they ran out of burgers,” says Janine. “With the lockdown underway, their weekly visit to our village has become increasingly important. It gives us something to look forward to, a night off from the kitchen, and Caroline and Damian, the food truckers, give us news and gossip from around the area.

British expatriates Sam and Angus Mclelland, based in Ernée in Mayenne department, launch the Hungry Cow Food Truck.

Sam in the van. Photo credit © The Hungry Cow

Sam says, “We focus on street food from all over the world. We change the menu every week and offer a meat dish, a vegetarian dish and a dessert. People love the fact that every week is different. And now, because of Covid, people cannot travel to different countries, so we bring them flavors from all over the world in France! Covid has shown that food trucks are here for good. In many remote villages in France, the weekly pizza van or pancake van has been the only chance people have to get a take-out. The French are more and more open to global cuisine and have welcomed us with open arms.

Du magazine France Today

Sam and Angus Mclelland serve their local community an ever-changing menu from their food truck, The Hungry Cow

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