Google Cloud org chart shows 142 most powerful leaders under Thomas Kurian


  • Google internal data obtained by Insider shows the 142 most powerful people in Google Cloud.
  • We have built an interactive org chart of key executives and staff helping Cloud Chief Thomas Kurian lead the division.
  • Google sees the cloud as an increasingly important revenue driver for the business and is investing heavily in its growth.
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Thomas Kurian leads what Google considers one of the most promising segments of its business: cloud computing.

Google’s business has relied heavily on advertising, but it sees the cloud as a growing source of revenue – so much so that the company recently started presenting Google Cloud data as a separate reporting segment in its quarterly results. .

In the company’s latest report, Google’s cloud business generated $ 13 billion in annual revenue, up 46% from 2019. Still, it’s not yet profitable, and the race is on for catch its rivals Amazon Web Services and Microsoft in the market.

Insider obtained the internal organization chart from Google Cloud, identifying senior executives and staff helping CEO Thomas Kurian lead the company’s ambitious cloud business. These are the people who run all aspects of the business, from sales and marketing to products and engineering.

Kurian invests heavily in the growth of the company, especially in its business organization. He also had an executive hiring frenzy.

Several of his direct reports have joined the company in the past two years. Cloud Sales President Robert Enslin joined SAP in April 2019. Javier Soltero, who previously led Microsoft’s office products, joined the company in October 2019 to lead the office software suite of Google Cloud Workspace (formerly G After).

Additionally, Vice President of Customer Experience John Jester came from Microsoft, while Vice President of Engineering Amit Zavery joined Oracle.

Frank Bien, previously CEO of data analytics firm Looker, also reports directly to Kurian as vice president. Google Cloud acquired Looker in February 2020 for $ 2.4 billion.

thomas kurian frank good looker google cloud

Frank Bien, vice president of Looker at Google Cloud, and Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud.


Google Cloud still has a long way to go to catch up with AWS and Microsoft. AWS leads the race with 45% market share, according to research firm Gartner. Microsoft maintains second place with 17.9% market share, while Alibaba holds 9.1%. Meanwhile, Google Cloud only captures 5.3% of the market.

It’s unclear how often Google updates these charts, and while the data is recent, some more recent changes may not be reflected. A Google spokesperson did not respond to Insider’s questions about this data at the time of publication.

We also stick to the titles as they appear internally, which are sometimes less descriptive than the titles some of these frameworks use externally. Even Thomas Kurian himself is generally referred to as CEO of Google Cloud, despite being appointed SVP internally.

These are Google executives and staff tasked with growing the company’s cloud business as it faces rivals of a scale of its size.


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