Godzilla vs. Kong roars towards $ 100million milestone

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The return to cinema story that erupted last week may have been a bit premature. Or we’re just seeing a word of mouth reaction to a frontloading movie over a holiday weekend. It’s hard to say these days. Godzilla vs. Kong wasn’t exactly facing major competition and won the weekend with $ 13.3 million. But it’s those mid-range movies that will start to tell us how well the attendance will be spread, and with movies like The ungodly and Travelers filling those voids, we’re still dipping our toes into what the theatrical comeback is going to look like.

Harvest King: Can Godzilla vs. Kong Reach $ 100 million in the United States?

(Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures)

The immediate good news on Godzilla vs. Kong is that it easily became the highest-grossing film since the pandemic began last March, overtaking Christopher Nolan’s. Principe. It was inevitable after grossing over $ 48 million in its first five days of release. The next milestone he hopes to achieve – other than overtaking Godzilla, King of the Monsters“The world’s gross amount of $ 386 million (it currently stands at $ 357 million) is that of the once-legendary national plateau of $ 100 million. The baby takes the leap after that will come a lot faster for the next blockbuster, but does this movie have a real hit right now? So, let’s take a look.

Holding a film now to the standards of great normality is not ideal, but we can try to match it as best as possible to the present times. Godzilla vs. Kong fell 58 percent on its second weekend. The higher the departure, the greater the drop in these times. Wonder Woman 1984 fell 67.1% in December after a start of $ 16.7 million. More theaters and vaccinations puts GvK with a 92.8 percent increase from its three-day weekend and a 9.1 percent drop from better. It is fair progress. Now in the history of the March releases which grossed between $ 64 million and $ 75 million in their first 12 days, only two of the nine (2017 Power Rangers and 10,000 BC) failed to hit $ 100million, except that even these films grossed $ 14.2million and $ 16.7million in their second weekend (and were the only two of the bunch that didn’t not bring in at least $ 20 million). Godzilla vs. Kong grossed $ 13.3 million. With theaters still with limited capacity.

Now, GvK has a slight edge over those films so far with an estimated $ 69 million through Sunday. And currently we’re seeing much smaller drops in the third weekend among pandemic movies. Raya and the last dragon fell only 10.2% and The small things fell only 2.6 percent. same Walk in chaos fell just 14.5 percent. One thing they all have in common is the ability to last in a market with less competing options for audiences to experience in theaters. Raya had earned $ 17.17 million in its first 12 days and has more than doubled that total since. The sniper starring Liam Neeson had only grossed $ 6.35 million in 12 days and managed to make over $ 15 million. GvK will have yet another weekend at # 1 and fall back with Mortal combat the following week, when it should settle in second place for another three weeks until Spiral comes out, and there’s no reason to believe he won’t be in the top five over Memorial Day weekend yet. It’s a long way to go, but it’s still very possible that $ 100 million will be there in the end.

The Top 10 and beyond: Travelers Lands with a thud

(Photo by Lionsgate)

The only major theatrical contender this week was Lionsgate Lord of the Flies in space, aka Travelers, which was not liked by critics (with a Tomatometer score of 27%) or liked by the public this weekend, for a paltry $ 1.3 million. Of course, this is only the 12th film of 2021 to open with over a million, but it might not even make the top 10 on that little list. Even the long delayed Walk in chaos managed to open at $ 3.77 million, one of seven films this year to date to over $ 10 million.

Beyond that, it was a week of small drops. Nobody held on to second place, falling just 12% to $ 2.65 million. He’s now crossed the $ 15 million line. N ° 2 of last week, The ungodly, fell to third place with a decrease of only 23%. Its total now stands at $ 6.7 million. Tom and Jerry fell only 17% and reached a total of over $ 41 million. From disney Raya and the last dragon in fact, business grew this week, growing 2 percent and generating $ 2.1 million in revenue for a total of $ 35 million.

These dates in box office history: Vin Diesel’s The fast and the furious Franchise reinvigorated its audience for the successful summer season

9 avril: On this day of 2017, the Jennifer Lawrence / Chris Pratt sci-fi movie, Passengers, brought in $ 5,876. That was enough to push it above the $ 100 million mark on the 110th day of its release. (What a birthday for Travelers open up with its unwanted advances in the space premises.)

10 avril: It’s a big date for films breaking the $ 100 million mark. In 1999, the animation of Dreamworks The prince of Egypt made $ 151,406 to make it happen on the 114th day of its release. Steven Spielberg got faster in the director’s chair in 2018 when Player One loan grossed $ 2.34 million to hit the 13-day mark alone. Although eight years earlier in 2010, the remake of Clash of the Titans took $ 11.04 million to hit the milestone in just nine days. Much faster than Vin Diesel’s family movie, The pacifist, did in 2005 when he made $ 739,633 on his 38th day. Diesel arrived much faster – and doubled it – 10 years later, when Furious 7 made $ 18.86 million on his eighth day to cross the $ 200 million line.

11 avril: Turns out these are big dates for a Vin Diesel like Fast and furious is her third film on the list this week. His return to the franchise made $ 10.43 million on his ninth day to cross $ 100 million. Three years later on that date, Dr Seuss Lorax grossed $ 795,795 to spend $ 200 million on the 41st day of its release. It is a milestone that Fast and furious would not achieve.

On the Vine: New Festival Films Take a Photo at Box Office Glory

Fresh off its debut at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, Ben Wheatley’s latest horror film, In the ground, goes from two weeks to April 16. The movie Neon currently has a Tomatometer score of 77%. If horror is on your mind, also be on the lookout for Barbara Crampton taking over as Travis Stevens’ Jakob’s wife. The first SXSW has an 81% Tomatometer score.

Complete list of ticketing results: April 9-11


Godzilla vs. Kong

  • $ 13.3 million ($ 69.5 million in total)



  • $ 2.65 million ($ 15.6 million in total)


The ungodly

  • $ 2.4 million ($ 6.7 million in total)


Raya and the last dragon

  • $ 2.14 million ($ 35.2 million in total)



  • $ 1.35 million ($ 1.35 million in total)


Tom and Jerry

  • $ 1.11 million ($ 41.1 million in total)

– –

The girl who believes in miracles

  • $ 597,000 ($ 1.3 million in total)


The mail

  • $ 452,000 ($ 4.9 million in total)

– –

Vakeel Saab

  • $ 411,500 ($ 411,500 in total)


Walk in chaos

  • $ 265,000 ($ 12.6 million in total)

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[box office figures via Box Office Mojo]

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Thumbnail: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures

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