Godzilla in the snack aisle? Video of large lizard in Thai store goes viral | Item

Considering the last few years, it doesn't even seem so strange.

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The lizard can grow up to 9 feet long


  • This week, a video of a giant lizard in a Thai store went viral.
  • The lizard is called an Asian water monitor.
  • Read on to see some of the reactions on social media. ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

If you’ve ever been to a 7-Eleven, you know they’re famous for their Big Gulp slushies.

But recently, customers of a 7-Eleven in Thailand swallowed big for another reason, when they turned a corner and discovered a giant lizard.


Earlier this week, a video of what appeared to be an Asian water monitor climbing store shelves went viral after it was posted on Twitter.

In the video, the lizard can be seen knocking over objects while climbing, with a person in the background shouting, “The shelves are ruined, oh my God!”

Is it dangerous?

Don’t worry – the Asian Water Monitor doesn’t attack humans.

Reptiles prefer to munch on birds and their eggs, small mammals, fish, lizards, frogs, snakes, juvenile crocodiles and turtles, according to experts at the Museum of Zoology at the University of Michigan.

The Asian water monitor is native to much of Southeast Asia. (Image credit: Mike Aguilera / SeaWorld / Getty Images)

The lizard – which is the second largest in the world behind the Komodo dragon – can grow up to 9 feet long, but adults are typically around 5 feet tall.

Social networks react

Twitter users began to laugh at the situation shortly after the video was posted.

At this point, even a giant lizard in a store doesn’t look so shocking, one person said.

Another user said he couldn’t get enough of the video.

Tweet lit

And another was just hoping someone would give the big guy a hand.

He doesn’t look like he needs any help.

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