Giants to deliver for Daniel Jones in 2021 NFL Draft: Riddick


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There is more pressure than ever on Giants general manager Dave Gettleman to get the right draft this year, according to a former NFL player and personnel manager who recently interviewed the team for the job as Gettleman. picked up.

Louis Riddick has said the Giants need to secure a player with the 11th overall pick in the NFL Draft who will instantly accelerate Daniel Jones’ development and dramatically increase the winning tally for the 2021 season.

“I think the time has kind of sped up for this diet and Dave in particular so I think he knows he needs a guy who is going to come in and have an impact,” said Riddick, analyst. on ESPN’s Monday Night Football. “Said on the” Giants Huddle “podcast. “I think you’ll see that kind of affect his decision-making here, when at the start of his tenure he would have looked at it a little more organically and said, ‘I’m just going to take the best player.’ “

Riddick heard what John Mara had to say two weeks ago, when the Giants part-owner admitted he was “tired of losing” and said he was also tired “of having a press conference. ‘post-season to try to explain what was wrong and why I think we’re making progress. “

Daniel Jones et Louis Riddick d'ESPN
Daniel Jones et Louis Riddick d’ESPN
Getty Images, ESPN

Mara signed a free agency spending spree that cost nearly $ 100 million in guaranteed cash for three players: Leonard Williams, Kenny Golladay and Adoree ‘Jackson. Then comes the draft. The Giants have only six picks and need to hit big with their first-round pick. Mara expects a franchise that is 15-33 in Gettleman’s three seasons to compete for more than a high pick in the 2022 NFL Draft.

“It makes things intriguing for the Giants,” Riddick said. “I can’t stress this enough, you have to take the human element into account, if you are a GM in Dave’s position and haven’t had the kind of success you want and have. all pushed. your eggs in the Daniel Jones basket.

“Look, this is a performance business, everyone understands that and so Dave knows the choice at 11 has to produce and now has to get a return on his investment. “

Riddick met with the Giants property in December 2017 for an interview for the GM role. He’s not a firm believer in the defensive talent of this year’s draft; it is not certain that a defending player is worthy of a choice among the top 10 or 12. So Riddick expects the Giants to pick an attacking player at No.11.

Believing that offensive tackle Penei Sewell will definitely be off the board, Riddick could envision a scenario where the Giants pick from three players with that No.11 pick: Alabama receivers DeVonta Smith and Jaylen Waddle and the offensive lineman. of Northwest Rashawn Slater. Riddick considers Slater the best offensive lineman in the draft, largely because of his positional flexibility: he can play tackle or guard.

“I know they’ve invested a lot, both in terms of free agent money in the offensive line during Dave’s tenure and in the draft, but the point is, it hasn’t been enough yet. good, and in particular. it wasn’t good enough on the left tackle, ”said Riddick. “I know Andrew [Thomas] needs more time and will be in his second year and needs to take a big leap, in terms of his development.

“But before Daniel Jones can do anything he has to be protected in the pocket. If he still runs for his life, and then he doesn’t take care of the football and return the ball and win games, then this coaching staff won’t be there anyway to see if he does. may or may not be good enough. in the future, because they will be gone. “

When it comes to receivers, Riddick prefers Smith over Waddle, but it’s more split hair than vehement conviction. Waddle is the most explosive player – the closest thing to Tyreek Hill in this draft, Riddick said – but also has a history of injuries (he broke his right ankle last season). Smith was the most productive receiver.

“Is an offensive tackle more important than a wide receiver? Riddick said. “That’s what you get paid for. This is the kind of mental gymnastics you go through as a team builder and this is what Dave might be up against in two weeks. ”

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