Get all this free stuff with proof of your COVID vaccination


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Until now, 23,6% of the American population has been fully vaccinated, and bcompanies give people a little push by offering free products and services to people who justify their COVID-19 vaccination. Here are some advantages to get your jab pris en charge.

Get some free Budweiser

To celebrate our return to bars, Budweiser is giving away free beer to anyone who shows proof of vaccination. Until May 16, you can enter to win a $ 5 debit card for a free beer wherever Budweiser is sold (but the offers done exclude residents in Alabama, California and Texas). Just Go to them free beer site register, and yyou will also have entered a contest to win 10,000 free beers. You’I will have to be a member of Budweisers ” My Cooler Rewards“Program to enter.

Or Sam Adams, if you prefer

Samuel Adams has a similar opportunity when you post your immunization status on social media. Post a photo of your vaccination sticker (no vaccination record) with #shotforsam and tag @samueladamsbeer on Twitter or Instagram. Samuel Adams will send you $ 5 via CashApp to get you a beer at your favorite pub. You will need to be registered on CashApp to claim your prize. Offer started April 12 and will be available until May 15.

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Jeter one offKrispy ree cream donut

We reported before about the donut you can get the vaccine, but it’s worth repeating here, as it continues: Krispy Kreme est give one free original glazed donut to anyone who presents their vaccination card at a Krispy Kreme establishment. Customers who have had either one or two vaccines are eligible to receive their free donut, but thisontrary to Sam Adam’s offer, a vaccination sticker will not be enough. The physical card should be taken to a Krispy Kreme facility showing proof of your immunization status.

Get your vfree laminated hanging card

Your vaccination card is a precious piece of paper that not only gives you free stuff, but will probably be important for other things in the near future as well. We suggest using a thong to keep your vaccination record – it’s less permanent this way, especially if you need more information –more places like Staples and Office Depot offer free lamination. Just bring your card at any participating location until July 25.

Take a free get on Lyft or Uber

Uber and Lyft are committed to helping individuals get to and from their immunization appointments, whatever their financial situation. Uber started offering ten million free rides to essential workers and is expanding this offering to these get to their COVID-19 vaccination appointment, and Lyft offers the same service –all you have to do is fill in their online form participate.

Try to find an employee prime

Some companies directly offer in cash for proof of vaccinations. Recently, companies like Aldi, love, and Petco offer between $ 75 and $ 500 to employees who show proof that they have been fully immunized. the legality of these offers is certainly in question, but you might as well try while the offers are valid.

Smoke free woath

Some dispensaries have hoped on the vaccination appreciation train and are offering free cannabis, and pthe products range from pre-rolled gaskets at free edibles. Research local clinics to see if they have COVID-19 vaccines in your area to participate.

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