Friends reunion: Matthew Perry posts and removes photo from set

Friends meeting fountain set

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The reunion of friends was filmed (Photo: Getty)

Matthew Perry confirmed that the shoot for the Friends reunion went off by posting the first photo from the shoot.

The highly anticipated reunion of our favorite coffee drinkers in New York was scheduled to air last May after being filmed in March, but has been postponed indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and Ross have finally gotten back together, and could we be more excited?

Matthew, who played Chandler Bing, posted a photo of his makeup chair, as he looked at himself in the mirror while a makeup artist stood next to him.

The 51-year-old captioned it: “A few seconds before eating a makeup brush. Not to mention the reunion with my friends.

The snap has racked up hundreds of thousands of likes, including a nod from teammate Jennifer Aniston.

However, it looks like Matthew may have had some issues with HBO for the teaser, as the Instagrm post has now been deleted.

Matthew then deleted the post (Photo: Instagram)

Jennifer, David Schwimmer, Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc and Lisa Kudrow haven’t posted anything from the set, but we got a little glimpse of one of the filming locations courtesy of Friends set designer Greg Grande… before also delete the message. .

Grande posted a photo of the iconic fountain from the opening credits, with a couch similar to the one the gang sat on in Central Perk taking pride of place.

The cafe setup has been recreated to accommodate the six cast members, including the ‘reserved’ sign on the wooden coffee table.

While the fountain may look like Central Park, it’s actually located on the grounds of the Warner Bros. Studio in Burbank, California.

Part of the reunion is also expected to be filmed in the sets of Central Perk and Monica’s apartment.

Greg Grande shared a photo of the entire fountain (Photo: Instagram)

It’s been almost 17 years since the Friends finale aired, when Rachel got off the plane for Ross and Monica and Chandler became parents.

While fans of the sitcom may be hoping for a new episode, the cast has stressed that they won’t be in character for the reunion.

Speaking on the Graham Norton Show, David Schwimmer, who played Ross Geller, explained, “I’ll be David. Nothing is scripted and we are not of character.

“We are all ourselves, although there is a part of it that I don’t want to give away, but we are all reading something.

The special will mark the first time that the six core cast members have returned to the screen together since the finale.

The Reunion of Friends is slated to air on HBO Max this summer.

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