Fashion quarrel! Olympic kits for Canada and the United States spark debate | Item

Fashion quarrel! Olympic kits for Canada and the United States spark debate | Item

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The question is, what would you wear?


  • Team Canada unveiled its Olympic uniforms last August.
  • One of the outfits included a denim jacket.
  • Some users on social media are now talking about the look.
  • Read on to find out why this is happening now. ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

It’s been almost eight months since Team Canada revealed its official uniform for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, and the outfits are finally gaining attention.

But all is not positive.

Rather than delivering the sporty, sometimes futuristic or even professional looks that people expect for the international event, official Team Canada designers – Hudson’s Bay and Levi’s – have taken a different approach.

They brought back the denim jacket.

On the Team Canada website, they call this “always cool denim jacket” the “must-have piece” of the collection. (Image credit:

The fashion choice sparked a lot of discussion on social media after the American team’s outfits were released by fashion house Polo Ralph Lauren on April 14.

Some see Team Canada’s designs as a fashion disaster, while others say they go beyond American looks.

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What’s wrong with denim?

If you’ve ever turned on the radio around Christmas, you’ve probably heard the iconic voice of American singer Bing Crosby.

Although details are difficult to confirm, Crosby was reportedly refused entry to a Vancouver hotel in 1951, despite his international fame, for wearing an all-denim outfit.

David Suzuki wears a “Canadian tuxedo” in this 1982 image from The Nature of Things. (Image Credit: Fred Phipps / CBC Photo Collection, Graphic Design by Philip Street / CBC)

According to a 2016 blog entry on Levi’s website, the jeans company made an all-denim tuxedo for Crosby as a publicity stunt, spurring the idea of ​​a “Canadian tuxedo” and the Canadian Denim Association.

Hudson’s Bay also said elements of the denim jacket were inspired by Tokyo, the capital of Japan, which is set to host the Olympics from July 23 to August 8.

Tokyo is “known for its street art and fashion,” the designers said in a blog post on the Team Canada website.

“We paid tribute to that in the collection’s staple: the always cool denim jacket. Graffiti graphics and unexpected patch locations capture a youthful and festive feel. “

Online debate

The discussion around outfits in Canada and the United States has become polarized, to say the least.

Some said the Canadian outfits looked downright messy.

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Others were so disheartened that they said we should completely forget about the Olympics.

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On the other hand, a Twitter user said she was “obsessed” with the vibe of the denim jacket.

Others loved denim so much that they wanted to recreate it for themselves.

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And some have said that with either choice, you’re bound to get a little silly.

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So what do you think?

Put your Canadian bias aside and let us know which outfit you would wear the most on the catwalk.

TOP IMAGE CREDIT: Finn O’Hara / Team Canada, @ RalphLauren / Twitter

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