Everything Colton Underwood has said about gay rumors over the years

Colton Underwood on the red carpet

Colton Underwood will share something “deeply personal” in a new interview on Hello america and people are speculating on what he might reveal.
Something that Colton could talk about the ex-girlfriend’s allegations Cassie Randolph, who accused him of harassment and harassment. Many fans don’t think ABC should give him a platform to discuss these allegations, and a lot of people don’t think he should have a platform.

The other topic that fans are thinking Colton could discuss his sexuality, which he has brought up over the years.

You may remember that Colton gained notoriety when he played on The single person in the 23rd season of 2019 and was very open about being a virgin. Her sexuality was discussed throughout her time at Bachelor Nation in relation to her virginity.

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Read on to see everything he said in response to the rumors he was gay…

During the promotion of his thesis “The First Time” in March 2020, Colton sat down with People and discussed his sexuality and how he was bullied when he was younger.

Colton says a rumor spread through his high school that he was gay. He said at the exit: “It was one of those things where you hear something so often, you start to believe it. I thought, maybe I’m gay. The captain of the football team should have sex and drink, right? But I wasn’t.

Ever since he was in elementary school he’d been researching “Am I gay?” online. He added: “I didn’t know who I was. And I come from a sporty family, so it was always, ‘Move on, you’re good. So that pissed me off. In high school, when I was struggling with my sexuality, I wasn’t going to talk to my parents about it. So I internalized it.

Gay rumors continued during his time at Bachelor Nation.

“Even while my season was on air I fought the gay [rumors], ” he said. “They were like, ‘he’s gay, he’s hiding it. No, but I’ve been there, I’ve done it now.

Read on to see what he said taught him he was straight …

Colton said its time on The single person taught him he was straight.

« [The show taught me] that I am straight and that I am very, very attracted to Cassie [Randolph] and women – but that would have been OK if it had been the other way around too. I think that’s the biggest message I have for people ”, Colton said in an interview with Entertainment tonight while promoting the book.

He added: “If anyone is holding anything back or going through that, if I help a young man or a young woman go through something that they are struggling with – to let them know that they are not alone.” – so I consider the book to be a huge success.

“Even now I still fight gay rumors when I’m around Cassie, but that’s how it was for me as a young kid in elementary and high school, ” Colton mentionned. “I can take care of it now. … People, sometimes when they don’t understand, have to get from point A to point B somehow, and that’s a line they draw. This is exactly what they do to make sense of things in their minds.

Colton also spoke about how rumors about her sexuality in high school got to her mom.

“There was a rumor in my high school that I was gay because I broke up with a girl friend at the time. It even happened to my mom, where my mom pulled me aside and said, “You know what? We would still love you if you were gay. I thought to myself, “I appreciate this, but I have to understand this. “It was a bit awkward,” he said.

Colton says he “never acted on anything” when questioning his sexuality. He added: “There were questions there, and I internalized it or moved forward with football. And continuing The Bachelor was a way for me to not be able to run away from a relationship, not to be afraid and to open up.

Read on to see what he said after the book came out …

Months after the book came out, Colton gave an interview to Reality Steve and again responded to rumors that he was gay.

“Regarding these rumors,” he said. “I tackled it quite heavily in the book [The First Time] and I’ve lived it all my life. And of course, it doesn’t help to be on the national stage for the mental health aspect.

“But at the end of the day, I’m not gay. I have love and support for anyone in the LGBT + community and I support them, and love is love at the end of the day, ”he added. “I’m kind of used to it at this point, but I don’t think I’m ever going to give a good enough answer. I’ll almost always feel like I’m defending for a very long time.

In a new excerpt from his book released earlier this year, Colton revealed why Cassie broke up with him.

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