EU moral authority is collapsing rapidly

EU moral authority is collapsing rapidly

Brussels insists that the bloc does not need Sputnik to achieve its goal of dosing 70% of the adult population by the fall. Before the difficult negotiations with Moscow, they would say no? And given how Merkel, Macron, and others are now raising fundamental political and human rights concerns in a bid to speed up vaccination rates, they seem to really need the Russian vaccine.
For EU enthusiasts on this side of the Channel, this latest news may represent a fourth step in mourning. First, they had to admit that Britain after Brexit was right to pull out of the EU’s ridiculously bureaucratic vaccination program. They then saw the EU fail miserably, with many member states now opting for self-sufficiency – not just in Eastern Europe, but also in Denmark and Austria. Third, Brussels damaged its economic reputation, imposing export bans amid continued threats to requisition private pharmaceutical factories, while destroying a perfectly safe vaccine, offered at cost, by a world-class UK company.

And now the EU could strike a deal with Moscow, shattering a united Western front. Yes, Sputnik could well be safe and efficient. Health problems are the priority and the EU badly needs a faster vaccination. But negotiating with Russia from its current and desperate position, while sitting on millions of AstraZeneca shots, discredited in a deeply irresponsible post-Brexit propaganda exercise, is a tragic situation for the EU which is is set itself and bad for the West as a whole. .

The signatories of the 1957 Treaty of Rome sought to “lay the foundations for an ever closer union between the peoples of Europe”. With the continent having been ravaged by war twice in the past half century, this was clearly a noble intention. But consider how Brussels treated Greece during the eurozone crisis of 2011, how it imposed austerity programs on countries like Portugal and Ireland to bail out German bankers? Consider how Eurocrats have sought to overturn countless referendums over the years, including in the UK.

Consider how the EU is still – still – trying to destabilize the Good Friday deal, stoking the flames of sectarian violence by stubbornly insisting on ridiculously invasive and legalistic physical controls on the borders between Northern Ireland and the UK mainland, where technological solutions would clearly suffice, in a last ditch attempt to keep the UK in the legal orbit of the EU.

And consider how the EU has handled this pandemic, the biggest political challenge since World War II. What about European morality now?

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