Emmerdale confirms three injured characters are Liv, Jimmy and Paul – and one will die

Emmerdale confirms three injured characters are Liv, Jimmy and Paul - and one will die

Emmerdale has confirmed the three characters injured in tomorrow night’s dramatic incident – Liv Flaherty, Paul Ashdale and Jimmy King.
After much speculation and clues throughout the week, the start of Wednesday’s episode finally revealed which characters were in the hospital bed as Mandy Dingle and Paul’s wedding day is struck by a disaster.

Fans don’t know what’s going to happen yet, only that there is a van crash, but according to hospital staff in a flash-forward seen this week, it’s a major incident with a character in pain. ‘blunt trauma to the head.

We also know that a character is dying – and fans took to Twitter to share their predictions.

Liv, Jimmy and Paul are all seriously injured – with another character to reveal

One of them tweeted: “My prediction for tomorrow night: – Mandy is standing in the wedding barn but it’s a secret out of sight of Liv or Paul. She sees Paul for the monster he really is. Films the confrontation calls the police Paul gets arrested Mandy protects Liv and Vinny. #Emmerdale.

“I guess Paul or Jimmy will die #Emmerdale@DuncanLindsay Liv the hero must survive, hope Vinny finally tells Mandy @soapscoopAnother wrote.

A third agreed: “That was also my guess. I can’t see Liv die at this point. I will listen today. #Emmerdale « .

Paul Ashdale looks horribly hurt

Liv Flaherty looks black and blue as she lies in her hospital bed
Liv Flaherty looks black and blue as she lies in her hospital bed

A fourth predicted, “Maybe Liv won’t die, but the blutrauma to the head will make her epilepsy worse and it will be the next SL for her.” #Emmerdale « .

In Wednesday’s episode, Liv confronted Paul about her regular beatings of her son Vinny, who kept it a secret – and the episode ended with Paul threatening her with violence.

At the hospital bedside are Nicola King, Aaron Dingle and Mandy, and it’s unclear whether the latter is still aware of Paul’s bad deeds or not.

Mandy Dingle attends her fiance Paul Ashdale's hospital bedside
Mandy Dingle attends her fiance Paul Ashdale’s hospital bedside

Will Jimmy King survive the horror crash?
Will Jimmy King survive the horror crash?

Paul’s cruel action has made viewers hope he’s the one who dies this week, but they’ll have to tune in to find out who survives and who dies.

Actor Reece Dinsdale, who plays Paul, accidentally let out a secret about his This Morning interview earlier in the week when he revealed that a fourth character was in the hospital.

He told the hosts: “The week is wonderfully over, at the beginning you see three beds and you don’t see who is in them, but you could see who is visiting those beds.

Aaron Dingle looks devastated
Aaron Dingle looks devastated

Nicola King looks shocked as she stands next to injured Jimmy King

“Then at the end of this week the stunt comes to a conclusion, and I think a fourth cast member and one of the characters is gone through as well.

“So we have one in four that could meet their end. ”

Phillip then asked if Liv, Vinny, Jimmy, and Paul were all characters who could be in these beds or even die, with Reece hinting that they were.

Soap expert Sharon Marshall said he ‘blew out some secrets’, laughing:’ You weren’t supposed to know there were four people! Reece! ”

* Emmerdale airs weekday evenings at 7 p.m. on ITV, with an additional episode at 8 p.m. on Thursdays.


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