Daniel Levy’s future at Tottenham, the truth about Maurizio Sarri, Julian Nagelsmann and Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho's right-back response could become very clear in the team's final league games

austinfh: “Are recent reports that there is no chance Julian Nagelsmann will join Spurs if Jose Mourinho leaves the club this summer true? “
Alasdair dit: “I think the summer will be the one when decisions are made for various parties. I would be surprised if concrete decisions will be taken right away. Nagelsmann has fans at Spurs and I understand he has been interested in the club in the past. He will be a wanted man however, Bayern clearly have a strong interest in him, and it would make sense for him to assess his options this summer. Let’s see what will happen. ”

var1907: “What do you think of these Maurizio Sarri ties and do you see Jose Mourinho making it to the Carabao Cup final? “

Alasdair dit: “I understand that there is no truth among Spurs who are looking to bring Maurizio Sarri. On Mourinho, I think he will have the chance to lead the club in the final. Let’s be honest, in terms of one-off matches on the big occasions where there is also a problem, as I said before, in making decisions before the summer due to the lack of candidates who would be happy to run the club. for only two months. ”

hmyattn17: “Are Spurs looking for a new goalkeeper, is this the future of Hugo Lloris at Tottenham or is he looking to go elsewhere?” “

Alasdair dit: “The belief is that he will probably stay this summer. For Spurs, finding a replacement this summer will be difficult due to the costs involved and it’s not like they would receive a lot of fees for a 34-year-old in the last 12. month of his contract.

“The club are ready to offer him a new deal, but it’s up to him. He wants to return to France at some point and there has been talk of interest in MLS, but that depends on what he and his family want to do. If he stays, it gives Spurs a chance this summer to address other priorities like one or two center-backs. ”

Frankheth23: “Over the past few months we’ve all told you what we want in this upcoming transfer window, but what do you think would be a satisfying window for you? “

Alasdair dit: “Definitely a leader of a central defender. I think Joachim Andersen ticks all the boxes and then it’s about replacing the ones that leave with a similar or preferably better quality. Other than that, for me a satisfying window in the current climate would see these key players Spurs not wanting to lose sight of and even sign new deals. ”

Okan5858: “How do you see Joe Rodon’s season? I think he is playing very well for his first season in the Premier League. “

Alasdair dit: “Joe Rodon did well overall when called upon. It has been a learning season for him and possibly frustrating at times, having gotten used to being a starter every week at Swansea. However, he has shown enough to suggest he could be a great player for Spurs in the future. He just needs an older head by his side. ”

yoo sihyeon: “Any news from Joachim Andersen? “

Alasdair dit: “He’s definitely a player Spurs like a lot and he ticks all the boxes they are looking for in their ideal new center-back this summer, a leader, in their normal age bracket and has Premier League experience. All eyes will be on them. The price of Lyon and Tottenham are making some players fundraising, which is easier said than done. ”

jdonaldson125: “In your opinion, what role in our first team will Ryan Sessegnon have to play next year or do you see him coming back on loan? “

Alasdair dit: “I’m a fan of Ryan Sessegnon and I think he’s going to be a great player, but it’s hard to see how he gets playing time at Spurs next season if Sergio Reguilon and Ben Davies are still at the club . This would suggest another. season on loan gaining more experience at left-back. “

TheRealMrFantastic: “Do we have a better chance of winning the cup final with an interim boss and ‘new manager bouncing back’ or Jose’s experience? “

Alasdair dit: “I don’t really believe in the ‘new manager’s rebound’ and I think the statistics prove it more often than not. “

Vanessa_c: “Sonny was racially abused after Sunday’s loss. His agency has joined the social media boycott, is there any chance Spurs will join CAA and other football clubs in raising concerns about racism against players? “

Alasdair dit: “I think we have to get there. It’s so disgusting what’s going on constantly now and if social media companies can’t stop this from happening then powerful accounts, the ones that bring so much interaction across different platforms, will retreat to d ‘other. new social media platforms that can master it. There is no accountability for social media in its current form. ”

Keithan_chase: “Is Scott Parker someone the club would consider a management appointment?” “

Alasdair dit: “He will certainly be one for the future if he continues to develop as a manager. He has a lot of friends at Spurs, having impressed with the U18s, and they will keep a close eye on his career. “

Jose Mourinho’s right-back response could become very clear in the team’s final league games
(Image: Matt Dunham – Piscine / Getty Images)

Sam.c: “With Serge Aurier’s contract remaining for one year, will we be after a new right-back or will Japhet Tanganga and Matt Doherty be the options next season? “

Alasdair dit: “It all depends on whether offers come in for Aurier and if he still wants to leave, as he did before. He is certainly someone who could provide funds to be used either for a replacement or elsewhere if he wishes to leave. “

Jamie20: “Something real for the sake of Jerome Boateng?” Seems to tick a lot of boxes for our back row. “

Alasdair dit: “No, I’m afraid not. He doesn’t quite fit the Spurs transfer profile and I understand there is no point despite the reports. “

Shaun_D: “Mourinho seems to be in everyone’s sights right now, but I can’t help but think that Levy is in danger here as well. If the club have to keep Mourinho for financial reasons and next season is a failure, do you see it as inevitable that Levy will disappear?

Alasdair dit: “It depends on how you quantify it, I guess. We would of course all like to see the success on the pitch and the trophies in the cabinet. This is what we are all here for. However, if you look at it from a financial perspective – it’s a business after all – there are few people in world football who you trust to guide a club through a pandemic while millions and millions were lost more than Levy.

“Love him or hate him, Spurs will be in a better position when the world gets back to normal than most clubs who can’t boast of the endless pit of funds a few teams have. I’ll be honest, even if the club was. eventually sold, I wouldn’t be shocked to see Levy asked to stay by new owners. ”

Leon_Spurs: May I ask you what you think of Harry Redknapp’s arrival until the end of the season? ”

Alasdair dit: “No, just no. Sorry. That time is over. It is great fun to watch on TV. “

Namdalla: “Looks like the team is very divided, we can see he hasn’t lost the whole locker room, but it looks like there are a few big players that he’s lost now. Do you think Levy will really be you thinking about making the change now? ”

Alasdair dit: “The players will be upset with their playing time this season, of course they will be, but I still think that unless there is a complete breakdown in communications between the main parties, you make any decision this summer. or at least if there is nothing more to play for. ”

CruickshankJD: “You mentioned that we have to sell before we buy, but is there a scenario where we were looking to secure key targets first to make sure we don’t miss out? “

Alasdair dit: “Where does the money come from?” This is the problem. “

George93: “Do you think that Tanguy Ndombele’s future could be in doubt if Serge Aurier and Moussa Sissoko leave? “

Alasdair dit: “I don’t think they’re handcuffed together, no. Ndombele is emerging as a popular player in the squad now. Friends evolve in any workplace and he’s worth more to Spurs in financial terms than the other two combined. “

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