Daft Punk announces official solo projects – News

Daft Punk announces official solo projects - News

The future of Daft Punk has been revealed.
In an official press release, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo announced the solo projects they will pursue.

Bangalter will create a new label and a new pseudonym called Roulette which he will use to anonymously publish his own material as well as that of the producers in his vast contact book. “I wanted to get back to the real,” Bangalter said Mixmag. “The grit and dirt of underground music made especially for dark nightclubs and the feeling and atmosphere of dark nightclubs where this underground music is played. ”

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The name is a play on his cult label Roulé, through which he released a series of club-oriented 12’s in the late ’90s and early’ 00s. It also riffs on this new ‘s approach. label and alias. “I want to keep things focused on the music,” Bangalter said. I’m not interested in being in the spotlight and want to continue the mystery that surrounded Daft Punk. the Roulette The label will feature music from myself and my friends who also want to cut vinyl club tracks quickly and spontaneously. I will also be DJ sets composed exclusively of Roulette equipment in small capacity clubs, that’s where it all started for me. ”

The label also has a very specific aesthetic approach: Roulette should always be italicized, a decision Bangalter did not take lightly. “Many artists now spell their names in all caps, or remove the vowels. It’s just a snap. I am the first to use italics; it is a declaration of intent. ”

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Guy-Man will rekindle his love of live performance with a new project called REVISION, which is expected to include a concept album made with a cast of his former collaborators, including stars from the French Touch scene and American New School funk and ‘r’ nb.

“I’ve always played in bands, that’s where my heart lies,” Guy-Man said. Mixmag. “I’ve worked with so many great musicians and I have some vivid ideas of what I want to achieve with the album format, now is the time to bring that vision to life. ”

The title of the project is a follow-up to Daft Punk’s seminal ‘Homework’ as Guy-Man explains: “It was our radical album, made on machines, aimed at children who tell their parents that they are going to do a slumber party but they actually go to a nightclub and stay outside until dawn. Now I want to introduce these kids to the other side of my personality, the other side of music. The stuff they can listen to every day between weekends. REVISION is the missing half of “Homework”, an exploration of music. ”

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Sources close to Guy-Man reveal that he wanted to move forward on a concept album after feeling that “Random Access Memories”, Daft Punk’s latest studio album, “didn’t go far enough.” Mixmag It is said that Guy-Man wanted Giorgio Moroder’s monologue to last at least 15 minutes and that he insisted that the LP be released as a triple disc edition spanning more than three hours.

“I will bring REVISION to life very soon,” Guy-Man also told us. “I’m currently testing a beta of the series and will probably debut at Burning Man, their Kingdome concept looks amazing and exciting. ”

The artist declined to comment on his partner’s comments on the uppercase pseudonyms.

We will bring you more news when we get it. Welcome to the future.

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