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 COVID: German doctors call for a hard 2-week lockdown |  News |  DW

The majority of Germans no longer trust the government’s vaccination strategy, nor the promise of nationwide vaccinations by the end of the summer, mass distribution image the newspaper reported on Thursday.
The revelation came from an investigation conducted by the INSA polling station for image.

Only a quarter of respondents said they still trust the German government’s vaccination strategy.

Even fewer – 21% of respondents – said they believed in the government’s often-repeated assurance that all adults in Germany would have been offered the opportunity to be fully immunized by September 21.

Germany has fallen behind several countries such as the UK, US and Israel in terms of its vaccine rollout, with the government saying the doses available were not enough.

On Tuesday, more than three months since health workers began administering COVID-19 vaccines, about 11.3% of the population had received at least one vaccine.


we The Johnson & Johnson company said on Wednesday that a batch of COVID-19 vaccine doses had been ruined due to a manufacturing error. Up to 15 million doses could have been affected, according to the New York Times.

Emergent Biosolutions – a plant that makes the key vaccine ingredient – made a mistake that led to doses failing quality control and not moving on to filling and finishing.

SeattleThe Amazon-based company said it plans to bring its employees back to the office by the fall to return to an “office-centric culture.” Amazon was one of the first large companies to send workers home during the first COVID-19 outbreak in the Seattle area in March 2020.

Health authorities in Brazil said on Tuesday it had detected a new variant of the coronavirus similar to the mutation first discovered in South Africa.

Brazil has already been ravaged by the variant of the P1 coronavirus which was first discovered in January 2021.

L’Europe 

Of Germany The Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases (RKI) expressed concern on Wednesday after finding that 88% of coronavirus cases recorded in the country between March 22 and March 28 were of the B117 variant first discovered in the country. United Kingdom.

The more contagious B117 is believed to be responsible for the third wave of infections in Germany. The RKI added that all vaccines licensed in Germany offer protection against the variant.


the Australia The city of Brisbane was due to end its instant lockdown on Thursday. City health authorities on Monday recorded four locally transmitted infections with the British variant. After a short, strict lockdown and widespread testing, authorities said it was again prudent to relax some restrictions.

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