Chinese vaccine maker Sinovac says to double production capacity

Chinese vaccine maker Sinovac says to double production capacity

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Beijing (AFP)

Chinese biopharmaceutical company Sinovac announced on Friday that a third production line for its Covid-19 vaccine has been commissioned, doubling its annual jab capacity to two billion doses.

Its CoronaVac is one of four national vaccines that have received conditional approval from the Chinese authorities, helping to speed the time to market for emergency drugs.

On Wednesday, experts from the World Health Organization said that an interim analysis of clinical trial data from two Chinese vaccines, including Sinovac’s product, showed they demonstrated “safety and good efficiency ”, although more data is still needed.

“More than 200 million doses of CoronaVac have been delivered to more than 20 countries, including China,” Sinovac said in its latest release.

Although Sinovac’s jab has been approved by national regulators, it has yet to receive clearance from what the WHO considers “a strict regulatory authority,” noted the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on vaccination (SAGE) from the United Nations health agency.

Sinovac is among Chinese companies to have submitted data in applications for inclusion in the WHO Emergency Use List, which opens the door for jabs to join the global Covax program, which aims to ensure access fair to Covid-19 vaccines.


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