Britney Spears assures fans that she is “totally fine”


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Britney Spears during her residency in Vegas in 2018.

Britney Spears during her residency in Vegas in 2018.
photo: Ethan Miller (Getty Images)

At this point, there is a certain degree of unreality that fundamentally surrounds any new information about Britney Spears. The total amount of strangeness that permeates his life – massive fame, intense media focus, and in particular the conditions of its daily existence within a legal guardianship she now lives under for over a decade – makes even seemingly normal statements full of quirks. Somehow this layer of the surrealist can even extend to something as simple as telling her fans that they don’t need to worry and that she feels “totally good”.

That’s the gist of a new Instagram post Spears posted yesterday afternoon, answering two fairly trivial questions about her life: “Does she get dizzy when she turns around?” (Othis is) and “What’s up with that red fridge that you posted? » (She thought it was cool) – before delving into the one that has inspired quite a movement online in recent years: Is Britney Spears okay?

To which his answer is: Yeah! She is “Extremely happy”, with a beautiful house and children. If she’s been quiet online lately, it’s just because she’s taking a break and having fun. (There’s also an outlet attached for a women’s clothing store that she apparently loves, natch.) None of this prevents the video from looking vaguely weird, especially since these videos are one of the the only ways Spears a communicated with the wider world for years. (Apart from various legal filings related to the above guardianship, put forward by his lawyers, of course.) Take as read that the comments on the Instagram post have already filled with people arguing over hand gestures, word choice, secret messages, etc. Still, however: Britney is fine! Britney is almost certainly doing well.

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