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Brexit news

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Although much skepticism was placed on the UK’s new future, 100 days after Brexit the pound jumped as the stock market also showed signs of life, said Martin Blumel. As EU states are currently experiencing a third wave of the virus, Mr Blumel commented on how the vaccination program has provided a valuable lifeline for UK plc. Figures in Brussels predicted the economy would collapse after Brexit, but as Mr Blumel says, Britain did not ‘go bankrupt’ after leaving the EU.

With the reopening of shops and pubs due to the large number of people vaccinated, the commentator admitted that “things are not going badly on the island”.
Writing an article titled ‘You can do it without the EU’ for Borse Online, he said: ‘About 100 days have passed since Brexit.

“And despite all the problems, the kingdom did not sink.

” On the contrary. The pound is strong, as is the stock market. “

Brexit didn’t have as much of an impact on the economy as the commentator thought (Image: GETTY)
Brexit news: Non-essential stores also reopened on April 12 (Image: GETTY)
Due to the UK’s rapid vaccination program, even economists are now changing their forecast for the second quarter of the year.
Indeed, as the public desperately wanted to restart their lives after the lockdown, Bank of England chief economist Andy Haldane claimed the UK could be ready for a swift recovery.

He told ITV: “My feeling will be that when talking to people, they are desperate to get their lives back, desperate to get out of spending, socialize and work.

“And if that happens, some of those savings are spent.

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Brexit news: pubs reopened on April 12 (Image: GETTY)

“Even a small number of them, we’re talking about a pretty frantic recovery. “

As the exchange shows, the pound sterling has seen a gradual rise in value against the euro, and although it has been declining in recent days, it has reached 1.15 overall against the European currency.

That compares to a low of 1.08 in September, while the Office for National Statistics this week reported an increase in UK GDP.

Due to the vaccine rollout, February saw a 0.4% increase in February while January’s reduction was also reduced to 2.2 from 2.9%.

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Brexit news

Brexit news: exports also increased to the bloc (Image: GETTY)

Brexit news

Brexit News: Boris Johnson praised the vaccination program (Image: GETTY)

After trade problems with the EU at the start of the year, exports to the continent increased by 47% in February.

Overall, however, due to the pandemic, the UK economy has shrunk by 10% over the past year – the worst contraction in three centuries.

An ONS spokesperson said: “The economy showed some improvement in February after the sharp declines seen earlier in the year but remains around 8% below its pre-pandemic level.

Brexit news

Brexit news: UK lockdown steps (Image: Express)

“Wholesalers and retailers both saw sales pick up a bit, while manufacturing improved as automakers saw a partial recovery after a poor January.

“Construction has advanced strongly after revised figures showed they had struggled for the past two months.

Brexit news

Brexit news: the vaccine has led to an increase in the economy (Image: GETTY)

“Exports to the EU have recovered considerably after their fall in January, while remaining below 2020 levels.

“However, imports from the EU have yet to rebound significantly, with a number of issues hampering trade.”


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