Boss gives all staff on Mondays to take advantage of stores and pubs reopening after lockdown

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A young boss told all his staff not to get to work on Monday so that he could take advantage of the long-awaited reopening of pubs and shops.
From Monday April 12, Britons will once again be able to enjoy the outdoor spaces of pubs after months of closure for the hospitality industry.

Non-essential stores, gyms and hairdressers will also reopen as part of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s four-step roadmap to get out of the lockdown.

To mark the special occasion, CEO of digital marketing company Verb Brands Chris Donnelly, 30, told all of his 65 employees to take a day to do whatever they want.

Pubs with outdoor spaces or beer gardens may reopen on Monday
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He went further, as he also warned them that anyone who came to the office would be asked to leave.

Mr Donnelly – whose clients include Creed Fragrances, Bugatti, Mr Porter, Calzedonia and Jimmy Choo – told the Daily Mail: “It has been a horrible time for so many people in so many industries.

“Pubs and stores open after months and I just want employees to know how much they are appreciated and to enjoy this day for themselves, not to spend it sitting at the desk.

Mr Donnelly has told all of his 65 employees not to show up for work so they can enjoy the day
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“Street owners and retailers need a boost as well, so I’m glad my lot is devoting the day to supporting these businesses. “

But if his employees prefer to simply lie in their beds, it is just as well for Mr. Donnelly that he said “good for them”.

The friendly boss has already implemented a series of policies aimed at making life easier for staff.

One of them allows them to have three days off if they or their partner miscarries.

He is following in the footsteps of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who made the leave mandatory last month.

People will be able to meet at the pub under the six or two household rule
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Mr Donnelly, who was featured in the Forbes 30 Under 30 2020, is also allowing parents in the process of IVF or adoption to take time off.

Monday marks the second step in the government’s roadmap to come out of lockdown and comes amid warnings that many high street businesses are at the breaking point with the hospitality industry on its knees.

It follows the latest government figures which show 1.7 million people are currently unemployed due to Covid, and 4.7 million are still on leave.

Hospitality venues such as pubs will resume for field service – there is no curfew or requirement for a substantial meal, but table service and the rule of six will remain in place.

To be considered “outside”, shelters, marquees and other structures must have at least 50% of their walls open at all times.

These places can allow customers to use the toilets located inside.

Any room serving alcohol will include table service and take out alcohol will also be permitted.

Outdoor entertainment including zoos, theme parks, drive-in theaters and drive-in theaters will resume, although social distancing rules will continue to apply outdoors.

Driving lessons will also resume on Monday and community centers will once again be allowed to welcome guests.

The second stage also marks the date on which all children will be allowed to attend indoor children’s activities, including sports.

Parent and child groups can be up to 15 people, excluding children under five.

However, indoor socialization will still be prohibited – it will be reintroduced alongside domestic overnight stays from stage three.

After April 12, restrictions will be gradually relaxed every five weeks as long as the vaccine rollout continues as planned and there is no spike in the number of hospital admissions.

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