Blackburn Rovers 2-1 Derby County: Rams remain in relegation difficulty

Sam Gallagher and Harvey Elliott celebrate goal against Blackburn Rovers

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Harvey Elliott (left) has scored six goals for Blackburn since joining on loan from Liverpool in October

Blackburn Rovers came from behind to beat Derby County, as Wayne Rooney’s Rams missed the opportunity to move away from the Championship relegation zone.

Tom Lawrence nodded to Derby midway through the first half, but Sam Gallagher equalized three minutes before the break from a Barry Douglas corner.

Derby captain David Marshall made three good saves to turn off Adam Armstrong in the opening 15 minutes of the second half, but couldn’t prevent Harvey Elliott’s fierce strike in the 66th minute.

The visitors pushed for the equalizer, Nathan Byrne hitting the wood on the rebound after Thomas Kaminski saved a free kick from Lawrence, and the Rovers goaltender also cleared a header from Colin Kazim-Richards.

Even then, Derby had solid claims for a canceled penalty in the fifth minute of stoppage time as substitute Festy Ebosele fell under challenge from Ryan Nyambe.

Derby remains four points ahead of the last three, but Rooney’s side have been three more games than 22nd Rotherham United.

After securing a first win in eight outings, the Rovers move up to 14th place ahead of the rest of the weekend’s action.

The rams remain in trouble

This week, Rooney told Rams fans do not panic at the idea of ​​joining Ligue 1, but a third successive defeat means they remain in danger.

Lawrence put the visitors in the lead when he fell unmarked at the near post to move towards Graeme Shinnie’s cross from the left, and Derby will feel they should have been in the lead at the break.

Patrick Roberts nearly made it 2-0 with a curling shot that went from close and, after Gallagher broke away from his man to equalize, Kaminski made a fingertip save to prevent Louie Sibley’s low shot. through the goal in the last minute of the first half. .

The rovers were more determined in the second half and earned a 2-1 lead thanks to loaned Liverpool midfielder Elliott. The 18-year-old celebrated his goal by displaying a t-shirt honoring the victims of the Hillsborough disaster.

The hosts came under increasing pressure in the finals as Derby pursued the equalizer – but Belgian goalkeeper Kaminski managed a series of smart saves, including pushing Byrne’s inswinging corner back to his goal line in added time .

Potential new Derby owner Erik Alonso says his “Final goal” is to bring the club to the Champions League but, after a one-game winning streak in 11 games, they may need to rediscover a winning form to avoid falling into third place for the first time since 1985-86.

Elliott unveiled a tribute to the victims of the Hillsborough disaster after passing the Rovers 2-1

Blackburn Rovers manager Tony Mowbray told BBC Radio Lancashire:

“They came up with a game plan and tried to play a transition game.

“After we scored it gave the team a bit of confidence, and in the second half we picked it up and probably could have scored a few more goals.

“It’s a good team and I’m happy to take the points and move on.

“They cried for a death sentence. Their boy went and if he got caught I don’t know. “

Derby boss Wayne Rooney told BBC Radio Derby:

“We deserved more of the game and have to start accumulating points.

“It’s a disappointing result. “

On the call for the time-out penalty: “It’s a clear penalty. When you can see where I was standing and you are far away, it is not a difficult decision.

“The referee is in a good position and it is totally unacceptable. “

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