Biden and Trump News Live: Latest Vaccines and Matt Gaetz Updates

Biden and Trump News Live: Latest Vaccines and Matt Gaetz Updates

Joe Biden Calls Georgia’s Drastic Ballot Restrictions “Jim Crow on Steroids”

Former President Donald Trump has taken what appears to be a veiled blow to his successor Joe Biden, suggesting that the key to being a good father is to keep kids away from drugs, cigarettes and alcohol.

The comment can be seen as an attack on Mr Biden as his son Hunter has battled drug and alcohol addiction for years – an issue Mr Trump attempted to use against the Democratic president during the election campaign from last year.

“I’ve seen really good kids go wild on drugs and alcohol, and then it’s a different ball game,” Trump said Thursday night.

It came as the scandal around Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz deepened, after he was accused of repeatedly showing lawmakers photos and videos of naked women he said he slept with.

Sources told CNN that Trump’s ally would show pictures of women on his phone and then talk about having sex with them, with one source calling it “a point of pride.”

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According to Vox’s Aaron Rupar, Fox News has not reported on Matt Gaetz since Wednesday despite the ongoing scandal around the Republican congressman.
Mr Gaetz is reportedly under investigation by the Justice Department for allegations he had sex with a 17-year-old girl and paid for her to travel with him – the congressman has denied the allegations.

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FDA clears Moderna vaccine modifications to deliver additional doses from vials

The United States Food and Drug Administration has authorized two changes to Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine that can provide additional doses from each vial.
The agency said late last night it had approved new vials of Moderna that can hold up to 15 doses each, compared to the original vials designed to hold 10 doses.
Additionally, regulators said suppliers can safely extract up to 11 doses from the original 10-dose vials – in a move that should help bolster U.S. supplies and speed up vaccination efforts.
Moderna said in a statement that she plans to start shipping the new 15-dose vials in the coming weeks.
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Republicans accused of using old footage to pretend Trump threw ceremonial first pitch

The Republican National Senate Committee tweeted a video reel of GOP presidents, including Donald Trump, throwing the first pitches at baseball games, despite the recent president never throwing a first pitch during his tenure.
“The @NRSC is using images of 17-year-old Trump here because he never made a first speech as president,” tweeted Max Steele, communications director for Democratic think tank American Bridge.
Our journalist, Nathan Place, has the full story below:
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Japanese PM to visit Biden on April 16, official says

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga will travel to Washington to meet with Joe Biden on April 16, the Japanese government has announced.
Although the trip had already been announced, its exact date was unknown.
Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato told reporters that Mr. Suga would be the first foreign leader to meet Mr. Biden in person since taking office in January.
“This in itself is proof that the United States values ​​Japan,” he said.
“It is also important because we demonstrate the strength of the Japanese-American alliance and the commitment of the United States to engage in the Indo-Pacific region.”
Kato added: “” We arranged [Suga’s visit] in the first half of April, but the date is set for April 16, because we intend to take all possible measures to ensure the success of the Prime Minister’s visit to the United States and the preparations.
Tokyo hopes to strengthen the Japanese-American alliance, which it sees as the cornerstone of its foreign and security policy, and discuss ways to cooperate on how to deal with China and North Korea and advance a vision commune of a “free and open Indo-Pacific”. “.
Climate change and the coronavirus pandemic are also among the key issues for debate.
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Matt Gaetz shared a nude photo of a woman on the house floor, report says

Republican MP Matt Gaetz has been accused of showing photos and videos of naked women to other lawmakers, according to a CNN report.
Several sources told the news network that Trump’s ally, who is currently under investigation by the Justice Department, has a reputation for bragging about his sex.
Our journalist, Graeme Massie, has the full story below:
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Trump gives Biden a ‘veiled blow’ to raise children

Donald Trump has said the key to raising children is to keep them away from drugs, cigarettes and alcohol, in comments that appear to be a veiled blow to Joe Biden.
The president’s son Hunter has struggled with crack, cocaine and alcohol addiction for years, and Trump used this problem as a line of attack in the 2020 election.
In an interview with Real America’s Voice on Thursday night, Trump said he tried to keep his children away from drugs.
“I still have, too, you can have good kids, but if they start with drugs, alcohol, cigarettes…” he said.
“I told them for years. So far this has had a very good impact. ”
The former president has previously said he does not drink or use drugs – a move apparently inspired by his brother Fred dying of alcoholism in the 1980s.
“I’ve seen really good kids go wild on drugs and alcohol, and then it’s a different ball game,” he added.
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