BBC stand in front of show after Katherine Ryan joke about ‘straight white men’ sparked complaints

All That Glitters About BBC Two

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The BBC has kept up last night’s episode of All That Glitters: The Next UK Jewelry Star after a joke by host Katherine Ryan sparked a backlash online.
Actress Katherine is at the forefront of the show, which sees eight jewelers compete to become the next big name in jewelry.

And during the contest, Katherine stopped in to chat with Sri Lankan-born designer Tamara.

Katherine urged her to have more confidence in her own abilities, feeling that she would be more confident if she was a “straight white man”.

“Think of Boris Johnson, how happy he would be right now,” she joked.

And while Tamara was laughing, some viewers took offense, some even called it “disgusting”.

Katherine made a joke about the “confidence of straight white men”
(Image: BBC / Twenty Twenty Productions Ltd / Mark Bourdillon)

“Do you think like a white man? Really? Very inappropriate comment, ”another snarled.

The BBC has since responded in a statement saying: “Many viewers of this program will be familiar with Katherine Ryan’s well-established style of comedy after multiple appearances on the BBC’s comedy programs over the years.

“Comedy is one of the most subjective areas of programming and we can assure you that we never intend to offend viewers with anything we show. “

Show searches for UK’s next big name in jewelry
(Image: BBC / Twenty Twenty Productions Ltd / Mark Bourdillon)

And while the joke sparked rage in some, others didn’t take it so seriously and saw the funny side.

Meanwhile, the Mirror’s Sara Wallis felt that All That Glitters is destined to become a staple of the TV show in the future.

“Host Katherine Ryan shines the most, bringing glamor, warmth and obligatory innuendo, creating an atmosphere all on her own,” she writes.

Katherine Ryan on All That Glitters
Katherine is a highlight of the series – bringing charm and humor
(Image: BBC / Twenty Twenty Productions Ltd / Mark Bourdillon)

“Even if you have no interest in watching people hammer, weld and weld, Katherine’s wit and wisdom is reason enough to match.

Next week’s show will see contestants soldering a chain necklace and producing a heart-shaped brooch so that an officer can begin their next tour of duty.

* All That Glitters airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on BBC Two.

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