Ashley Cain’s Girlfriend Kisses ‘Hero’ Azaylia’s Daughter As They Come Home For The Last Days

Ashley Cain's Girlfriend Kisses 'Hero' Azaylia's Daughter As They Come Home For The Last Days

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Reality TV star Ashley Cain and girlfriend Safiyya Vorajee have greeted their ‘hero’ daughter after moving her out of the hospital to spend her final days as comfortable as possible.
Little Azaylia, who turned eight months old this week, has spent most of her young life in and out of hospital battling a rare form of leukemia.

Although she has made progress, the disease has recently returned aggressively and yesterday the family learned the terrible news that there was no more treatment available.

Former footballer Ashley and Safiyya have made the decision to send Azaylia home so that she can be surrounded by their love and ultimately be treated “like a normal baby” before she walks away.

Brave Azaylia has battled cancer for almost all of her eight months of life
(Image: Instagram)

After Ashley’s moving 10-minute update to fans yesterday, Safiyya shared a poignant clip of herself cuddling Azaylia on her story.

“My hero,” she captioned the Boomerang, which showed a sleepy-looking Azaylia cradled in the crook of her mother’s arm as she quietly sucked on her mannequin.

A tube could be seen running through her nose to provide her with oxygen, but Azaylia had been removed from her other machines to cuddle with her mother.

Ashley Cain & Girlfriend Safiyya Brought Baby Azaylia Home
(Image: miss_safiyya_ / Instagram)

Ashley, who starred in Ex on the Beach, documented Azyalia’s eight-month-long fight and parents recently received a silver lining when consultants in Singapore offered experimental treatment if they could get Azaylia there- low.

Fans have donated over £ 1million to Ashley and Safiyya’s fundraising page, but sadly the treatment option has now been pulled as Azaylia’s form of leukemia is too rare – she’s the only person in the world with it.

Now new scans have found tumors in the baby’s lungs, stomach, spleen and two tumors on the baby’s brain, meaning she is unable to have more chemotherapy.

“So last week we had the bone marrow test and the lumbar puncture and blood samples to send to Singapore in the hope that they could create therapy to save Azaylia’s life,” said Ashley to her supporters Thursday.

Ashley choked on describing how brave Azaylia is just a few days old
Ashley choked on describing how brave Azaylia is just a few days old
(Image: Instagram)

“Then we had to have her head scanned and the results came back the next day to say that she had two very large brain tumors.

“They also said that the chemotherapy that is usually given to treat leukemia in the spine or the brain will not be available because it is under too much pressure with these tumors. “

He choked as he explained, “If they tried to go through the lumbar puncture, it would kill her.” At that point, our world collapsed.

“The consultants said they thought she only had one, two days to live, it might even be that night. “

The little girl has been in and out of the hospital all her life
The little girl has been in and out of the hospital all her life
(Image: mrashleycain / Instagram)

Although she initially wanted to “fight” for more treatment, Ashley changed her mind and said that it is more important for Azaylia to be comfortable for her final days.

“For the last part of her life, I just want to take her home. See her as a baby and give her the best rest of her life, ”he added.

“She needs to see her daddy smile. “

If you’ve been touched by this story, Bliss offers support to parents and families of babies born prematurely or sick.

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