Ashley Cain gives daughter Azaylia her last bath before her family brings her home for the last few days

Ashley Cain gives daughter Azaylia her last bath before her family brings her home for the last few days

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Ashley Cain shared emotional photos online as he gives his baby girl her last hospital bath before he and her partner take her home to where she belongs.
The former Ex on The Beach star and his girlfriend Safiyya Vorajee updated their followers as their baby girl Azaylia Diamond battles a rare form of leukemia.

Despite some progress and huge fundraising efforts for Azaylia’s treatment, the couple learned yesterday that there was no more treatment available for their nine-month-old daughter.

Ashley and Safiyya have now said that they will bring little Azaylia home to spend her last days with them as normal.

Posting to Instagram today, Ashley shared a series of sweet snaps of her baby girl, as she took her final bath in the hospital.

Ashley wrote: “Azaylia’s last bath in the hospital, before we take her home where she belongs.” [house emoji, heart emoji, one-tear emoji, heartbreak emoji, prayer-hands emoji]. «

The reality TV star then detailed the current precarious health situation of little Azaylia.

He continued, “9 days ago consultants told us that my daughter had a day or two to live, but thought she could make it through that evening.

“Even with a barbaric disease that consumes her blood, tumors in her brain and organs and amounts of pain that I cannot imagine… She still struggles 9 days later, with parts of the day without anything. other than smiles despite his discomfort. [heartbreak emoji] »

Ashley smiles while bathing her daughter
(Image: mrashleycain / Instagram)

The father continued, “It’s a testament to the strength of this little girl and the struggle she fought throughout.

“She fought a battle that few of us, if any, could have endured and she won the love and respect of many of us along the way.

Ashley Cain with her baby girl Azaylia
(Image: mrashleycain / Instagram)

“The truth is though, I hope and pray I won hers!”

“Even during the most difficult and sad times of my life, she found a way to make it better.

“She shed light on the darkest days and opened my heart to amounts of love that I couldn’t believe possible! [red heart emoji]. «

Ashley then detailed the heartbreaking emotions he was waiting for.

Little Azaylia had her last hospital bath today
(Image: mrashleycain / Instagram)

He continued, “The truth is, I don’t know what I’m going to do without you.

“But for now, I find the strength to give you the best of me, and the only me you deserve!” [red heart emoji]

“You are in my arms, my thoughts, my prayers and my heart every day my princess. YOU ARE MY HERO! [fist punching up emoji] Daddy loves you! [red heart emoji]. «

Ashley also posted a heartwarming video of himself giving his baby girl a bath as she enjoys her father’s attentions.

Meanwhile, Safiyya posted a video on her Instagram Stories of the family returning home from the hospital.

“So, it’s time to go home now,” notes the mom, before adding to her daughter, “we’re going for a nice ride in the ambulance”.

She then showed footage of the three of them in the ambulance on the way home, with shots of Azaylia in her seat looking relaxed as they made their way home for what will likely be the last time. .

Sending all the love and support to Ashley and her family.

If you would like to talk to someone about cancer, you can call Cancer Research UK on 0300 1231022, with opening hours 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday to Friday, or by email to [email protected]

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