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Victim spoilers follow.

Next week on Victim, Faith makes a big mistake as her world continues to fall apart, while Marty makes a disturbing discovery and Iain promises to help Jan.

Here’s a full collection of the seven biggest moments to come:

1. Faith and Lev struggle to be friendly

Faith is touched when Lev hands her a bacon sandwich that their children have made for her, leaving her hoping that they will begin to forgive her. However, when Lev refuses to tell their daughters that Dylan is no longer involved with Faith, she is angry that she took the blame to protect Lev’s secret.

As she takes steps to divorce Lev, Faith is even more distraught when she realizes that the girls have played a cruel trick with the aforementioned sandwich. Things only get worse when Lev tries to shift the goals of their childcare arrangements.

2. Marty is panicking

Marty and her mother Bibi catch up at breakfast when she tries to ask him questions about some of the women’s issues she is currently dealing with.

Feeling uncomfortable, Marty swerves until Bibi suddenly collapses on the table. As she rushes to the ER, Ethan treats Bibi for possible sepsis, leaving Marty in a panic when he learns the extent of his mother’s problems.

3. Ethan makes a discovery


Bibi tells Ethan that she had a vaginal mesh put on for stress incontinence, which has been causing her problems ever since.

Ethan is horrified to learn that Bibi had surgery at a private clinic and that she was not notified of the complications or taken care of by her problems.

Marty and his father Graham are also alarmed by this news, and Marty feels guilty for being absent in his mother’s life, having had no idea of ​​the operation.

4. Marty promises to fight for justice



When a CT scan reveals that Bibi has a pelvic abscess, Marty learns from Dylan about the devastating effects the mesh can sometimes have on the body. Dylan goes on to explain that women’s health issues are often dismissed and often go undiagnosed.

As Marty tries to figure out what happened, Bibi suddenly deteriorates and is rushed for emergency surgery. During the operation, it is revealed that part of the mesh is fused to her gut and its removal would drastically change Bibi’s quality of life.

Marty is devastated that his mother will live forever in chronic pain and swears to fight the clinic responsible for it.

5. Faith makes a big mistake



Faith is moved after orchestrating a reunion between her patient James and her estranged mother Marie until she learns the reason why he ran away in the first place.

When Marie begs him to explain why he left, James reluctantly reveals that he has sexual thoughts on children. Although James profusely denies ever having acted on his thoughts, his situation divides the emergency department staff – with Lev adamant that James is a danger to the hospital.

When Lev continues to make a tasteless joke, Faith flies off and declares that at least James can be honest about himself and publicly announces that her husband is gay. Horrified to be out in front of his colleagues, Lev leaves.

6. Iain visits Ross



After returning in last night’s episode, Iain tells Jan that he arranged a visit with Ross in jail to discuss the questionable business of the end.

Iain continues despite Jan’s protests and tells Ross to stop contacting Jan and forcing her to participate in illegal activities.

Unperturbed, Ross insists there is no way out and the dealers will always be able to find Jan. Is Iain out of his depth here?

7. Faith faces the music



Following her outburst in Lev, Faith is called into Jacob’s office, where he berates her over two incidents that happened that day.

Jacob berates Faith for calling James’ mother, when he specifically asked her not to, before moving on to discuss her behavior towards Lev.

Although Faith maintains that she was simply having a marital argument with her husband, Jacob insists that it is not appropriate during working hours or in the workplace.

As a result, Jacob forces Faith to take compulsory leave, placing her professional life as much of a concern as her personal life.

Victim airs these scenes on Saturday April 17 on BBC One.

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