Apple iPhone 11 Pro with Extremely Rare Printing Error on the Back Sells a High Price

Cloudy green tint remains on iPhone after iOS 14.5 beta 7 released - Apple iPhone 11 Pro with extremely rare printing error on the back sells for a high price

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A printing error has caused a design error on the back of this particular iPhone 11 Pro. On the back of this phone, the The Apple logo is off-center, which is why it hit the hefty price tag we mentioned at the start of this article. Internal records indicate that the chances of an error like this occurring are one in 100 million, or even rarer.

And while we have your attention, it looks like the latest iOS 14.5 beta (number seven) has rendered the green tint found on some iPhone 12 even worse. The screen has the color of cloudy water, which is not really pleasing to the eye. The iOS 14.5 update could drop anytime with some features that iPhone users have been looking forward to for a long time.

With face masks preventing Face ID from working, iPhone users were forced to enter their passcode to unlock their phone. Frankly, it’s really a pain in the ass. So, with iOS 14.5, those who wear an unlocked Apple Watch will have their identity verified and their iPhone unlocked automatically.

The update will also launch the app tracking transparency feature that will allow users to allow third-party apps to track them for the purpose of sending advertisements. According to a recent AdWeek report, 32% of iPhone users are expected to sign up and allow themselves to be tracked by third-party apps. The update will also include voice changes for Siri and over 200 new emoji. Stay tuned!

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