Anthony Joshua Says Tyson Fury Could Not Reject World Title Fight But Dismisses His Rival’s Hopes For Victory | Boxing News

 Anthony Joshua Says Tyson Fury Could Not Reject World Title Fight But Dismisses His Rival's Hopes For Victory |  Boxing News

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Anthony Joshua says Tyson Fury couldn’t reject the chance to become the undisputed world champion, but dismissed his British rival’s hopes of a historic victory.

Unified champion Joshua and title holder WBC Fury have approved a site offer to stage their successful battle this summer, with promoter Eddie Hearn set to announce the date and location.

Joshua remains certain that a deal will be finalized, which means all world heavyweight titles will be on the line in a fight to crown the No. 1 in the division.

“I signed my version of the agreement,” Joshua told the Jonathan Ross Show, airs Saturday at 11:35 p.m. on ITV.

“We sent it [Tyson] a good offer, I’m sure he won’t refuse. He wants the fight, without a doubt, me too and more than me and him, everyone wants it.

“I put my crystal ball in there and I say it’s going to happen one hundred percent this year. “

When asked if Tyson could claim his three main belts, Joshua laughed, “Unfortunately, he’s not going to win. “

Saudi Arabia, America, Britain, China, Dubai, Singapore and Qatar were vying to host the world title fight, but Joshua admits his preferred location would be the national stadium.

“I’m pretty sure it will be this year. End of July, beginning of August, ”he declared.

” Or? This is what is delaying, because of this pandemic. We want people to come there. It’s just finding the right place. For me, Wembley would be ideal. “

Fury regularly mocks his opponents on social media, but Joshua insists Muhammad Ali was the master of pre-fight trashy speeches.

He said, “The best thing to do is Muhammad Ali. Facts.

“The best to do it. I think, as you know, when you study the game, you can take so much from him.

“It’s just saying I’m better than this guy and those are the reasons.

“I feel like I’m doing enough boxing promotion. I represent my mother, my father, my community, the young people of boxing. People have children.

“My trash talk can get a little real. I don’t want to get too personal, that’s what it is. “

At 31, Joshua has become a two-time world champion, but believes he still has a long way to go before he finally retires from boxing.

When asked how long he wanted to stay in the sport, Joshua replied, “There are five to six years left. ”

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