Air Canada reimbursements; Why you shouldn’t hesitate to get the AstraZeneca vaccine: Market cheat sheet from CBC

Air Canada reimbursements; Why you shouldn’t hesitate to get the AstraZeneca vaccine: Market cheat sheet from CBC

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How Pandemic Air Canada Customers Can Get Their Money Back

If you wanted to redeem your Air Canada vouchers for a cash refund, the wait might be almost over.

Millions of Air Canada customers are now eligible for repayments under the company’s federal relief program, which will provide $ 5.9 billion in financial support to the company through a combination of low-interest loans and equity financing.

In return for the support, the company agreed to reimburse customers, restore regional roads and set limits on executive compensation, share buybacks and dividend payments. Read more

An Air Canada check-in counter at Calgary Airport is seen on March 25, 2020, at the very onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Air Canada customers who have had their flight canceled or who have chosen not to fly since February 2020 are now eligible for a refund. (Jeff McIntosh / The Canadian Press)

Health Canada says people shouldn’t hesitate to get AstraZeneca vaccine

Are you hesitant to receive the AstraZeneca vaccine? Don’t be, says Health Canada.

Following reports of rare blood clotting events in some people who have received the vaccine, officials said this week they still believe the product to be safe – and Canadians shouldn’t hesitate to roll up the sleeves when the time comes.

Dr Supriya Sharma, Chief Medical Advisor at Health Canada, says with a third wave of COVID-19 raging – and with the risk of hospitalization and death still far greater than the risk of developing clots after an injection of AstraZeneca – the benefits of this vaccine clearly outweigh any risks. Read more

Dr Supriya Sharma tells reporters the COVID threat is “real” and outweighs the rare cases of blood clots reported with AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson / Janssen vaccines. 1:39

Courier giant DHL padded its own pockets with ‘hidden charges’, class action lawsuit says

A Vancouver law firm is suing DHL, alleging the mail giant profited from the distortion of some of the fees it charges customers, reports Go Public.

According to a proposed class action lawsuit filed in the British Columbia Supreme Court last week, the North American operations of DHL’s express courier have required customers to pay additional fees to receive their packages by making mail orders. “false, misleading and deceptive” claims.

Court documents claim that DHL trick customers into believing that the fees they have to pay once a package arrives from outside the country are import fees and government taxes – when a large chunk of between them is actually sent to DHL as a “handling charge”. Read more

A DHL employee delivers packages to Bonn, Germany, in December 2020. A proposed class action lawsuit in a British Columbia court alleges the courier giant is forcing some customers to pay additional fees by making “false, deceptive and deceptive ”. (Wolfgang Rattay / Reuters)

What else is going on?

The average price of a Canadian home is rising at the fastest annual rate on record, now reaching $ 716,828
The market is showing signs of equilibrium, according to the president of the Canadian Real Estate Association.

Lessons from the gym epidemic in Quebec, one of the largest COVID-19 dissemination events in Canada
The government needs to align its policies with science as it battles more communicable variants, experts say.

Lack of shipping containers causing bicycle shortages, headaches for Canadian agricultural exporters
Changes in consumer demand mean shipping containers are leaving Canada empty, analysts say.

This Firefly Frank Teether is a choking hazard
Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled Firefly Frank and return it to any Hudson’s Bay store for a full refund, or contact Battat to return it by mail for a full refund.

This Mastercraft Power Bar presents a risk of electric shock
Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled products and return them to any Canadian Tire store for a full refund.

These syringes have been recalled due to improper labeling and lack of child resistant packaging
Consumers should immediately stop using the products, keep them out of the reach of children, and return any products for a refund, or dispose of them safely.

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