Adult Swim Junior replaces Rick and Morty’s voices with little kids

Adult Swim Junior replaces Rick and Morty's voices with little kids

Illustration from the article titled Rick and Morty Babies: The Annual April Fools' Prank Of Adult Swimming Has Arrived

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While we here at The AV club news desk—Whose jobs can, if you’re feeling grand, be cowardly described as a lose the effort to discern what’s still fucking real in the uproar day to day soup information Internet – generally have a fairly low tolerance for April 1, aka The Funny day of lying, we have to reluctantly admire the annual efforts of Adult Swim. If nothing else, the annual network pranks exert a lot of effort, even risk, whether it is to start a highly anticipated episode of Rick and morty months earlier, or in progress Bedroom three consecutive years. Or take an episode of Rick and morty, renaming it “Rick And Morty Babies”, and asking the children to re-record all of the dialogue. That sort of thing.

Anyway, Adult Swim took an episode of Rick and morty (fan favorite «Total Rickall» FOR YOUR INFORMATION), redoubled all the dialogue with the young actors, and broadcast it this evening as part of their “Adult Swim Junior” initiative. It’s, fittingly, surreal (they redid the whole intro, and Mr. Poopy Butthole is now called “Mr. Poopy Butt Butt), even if it is also remind you that Rick and morty is pretty funny no matter what you do with it. We will never think of a little kid who says something is like ”90s Conan“Maybe never.

No word yet on what other things will benefit from this treatment –Robot chicken and Family guy are both on the schedule, but who knows, but you can see the edited episodes, at least for now, at the YouTube link above.


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