47 people in flight test positive for coronavirus

47 people in flight test positive for coronavirus

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Vistara’s flight to Hong Kong has 47 cases of coronavirus

Hong Kong continues to have very strict entry requirements, and all arriving international passengers are both tested and quarantined upon arrival.

Hong Kong is monitoring the coronavirus count attributed to inbound international travelers very closely, and if an airline is responsible for carrying too many people with coronavirus, the airline is given a temporary flight ban.

Well, an airline set a new record for imported coronavirus cases earlier this month. On April 4, 2021, Vistara flight 6395 from Delhi to Hong Kong was operated by an Airbus A321neo, with a total of 188 seats. A few weeks after the flight, a total of 47 passengers tested positive for the coronavirus. WOW.

Prior to this weekend, a total of 25 people on that flight had tested positive for the coronavirus. However, on day 12 of the hotel’s quarantine, all travelers were retested and an additional 22 passengers tested positive.

Keep in mind that Hong Kong has a pre-travel testing requirement, so all of these passengers had to test negative within 72 hours of their flight to Hong Kong. Despite this, there were 47 positive cases after the theft.

47 Vistara passengers tested positive for coronavirus

Hong Kong’s previous single flight record

Hong Kong’s previous single flight record for new coronavirus cases occurred on June 20, 2020, when an Emirates Boeing 777-300ER had a total of 27 passengers who tested positive for the coronavirus.

Suffice to say that this situation for the Vistara flight is much worse. The A321neo has about half the capacity of the 777-300ER, and we’re seeing about 74% more confirmed cases on a single flight.

Emirates had the previous single flight record from Hong Kong

What should we do with it?

It’s hard to decide what to do with a story like this.

It should be recognized that we have seen airlines fund studies that essentially suggest that the chances of catching coronavirus on a flight are almost nonexistent. IATA claimed there were only 44 confirmed cases of the coronavirus associated with the flight, out of a total of 1.2 billion passengers traveling, or one case for every 27 million travelers.

I think the data is completely screwed up, and of course that relates to the lack of contact tracing in many parts of the world. Unless you’re in Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, or Singapore, you don’t really know where the cases are coming from. Even then, you may not be completely sure if the coronavirus spread on a flight, or if several people on a flight simply had coronavirus.

India is currently experiencing its biggest wave of coronavirus to date, so it’s no surprise that Indian passengers are more likely than others to have coronavirus.

Yet these numbers are downright shocking:

  • Obviously, the tests carried out a few days after the trip will by no means detect all the cases, but they should at least catch some; if 47 people tested positive after the flight, one has to wonder how many people did not travel due to a positive test before the flight
  • There is no way to know for sure what percentage of people caught coronavirus on the flight, and what percentage of people just happened to be on the flight with coronavirus; while the cases are concentrated around certain parts of the aircraft, it could also reflect parts traveling together
  • While there is obviously a risk with theft, with a proper mask you definitely shouldn’t see this level of spread.
  • The fact that 22 of the 47 cases were not captured until after 12 days of quarantine (and not before departure or upon arrival) suggests that many of the infections were likely fairly recent, meaning that they have emerged. probably spread during the flight, shortly before the flight, or maybe even at the quarantine hotel (with families stayed together)
  • I’m still curious as to what made this flight so aberrant – one can’t help but wonder if the pre-flight tests were carried out correctly, if the wearing of the mask was enforced during the flight, or if It was just a total monster event. which defies all logic

Hong Kong has a mandatory hotel quarantine for arriving travelers

At the end of the line

47 passengers on a Vistara flight from Delhi to Hong Kong have tested positive for the coronavirus, with 22 of those people only testing positive after being quarantined for almost two weeks.

That’s the most imported crates Hong Kong has ever seen, and on top of that, it wasn’t even on a big plane – it only had 188 seats.

It’s a good reminder to continue to take precautions while in flight – your chances of catching coronavirus on a plane are between one in 27 million and 47 in 188. 😉

What’s your theory about what happened with that Vistara theft that caused so many cases?

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