150,000 painted hearts, each for a life lost to Covid-19 in Britain

150,000 painted hearts, each for a life lost to Covid-19 in Britain

Ms Smith said too many mistakes were made and she felt disappointed with the National Health Service, whose workers have often been hailed by many members of the public and the media as heroes. “No one was a hero to my father,” she says.

Britain is slowly emerging from a months-long lockdown and Mr Johnson has promised a ‘good summer’ ahead. Outdoor sports resumed this week and as groups of six are now allowed to gather outdoors, crowds have gathered in London’s parks to bask in the sun.

The number of new infections and deaths has plummeted in recent weeks, giving hope that a return to normal will come soon. With more than 30.5 million people having received a first dose of the vaccine – 45% of the country’s population – Britain has launched one of the fastest vaccination campaigns in the world.

Yet health officials have warned that the third wave of coronavirus infections that swept across mainland Europe could also reach Britain.

And bereaved families said it would be impossible to get back to normalcy.

“For those of us who lost someone in the first wave last spring, we’re reliving everything now,” Ms. Goodman said. “Last night I couldn’t sleep because exactly one year ago I learned my dad had Covid, and he died a few days later, so looking forward to getting back to normal is so hard for we.

While the pandemic still rages on, the hand-painted hearts in front of Parliament could continue to spread for weeks, even at a slower rate. Still, Mr Fowler said he hoped it would end soon.

“When it’s done, please more hearts,” he said.


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